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Jaran - Mohammad Eghbal

Format: 1 CD

Genre: Folk, World, & Country

Barcode: 4036067100014


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Multi-instrumentalist and has intensively intertwined with the various instruments, especially with the VIOLINE, over the course of his life. But his most important means of expression is the VOICE, with which he improvises some mystical texts (Rumi, Baba Taher, Omar Khayyam), in which case he accompanies himself on the almond-shaped oriental OUD or on the three-sided CETAR.
He is also masters the Persian NEY (pipe flute), a wind instrument that produces sound in the mouth through carefully controlled exhalation.
This requires a special breathing technique. It takes at least 10 years of intensive study to master this instrument. Mohammad builds his neys himself to find out the best sound quality. The Ney is preserved in both the classical and the popular, but above all in the esoteric tradition of the Orient and directly appeals to the human soul with its varied, soft and rough tones.
All pieces are Mohammad's own compositions, but are reinterpreted at each concert, leaving the musician with enough space for free improvisation.
In this way, the pieces always become a unique performance. Mohammad / AHURA plays in various compositions on stage. As a solo artist, with his wife, who accompanies him on the Celtic harp, or / and with percussion accompaniment (frame drums and Persian dombak) and solo singing. He also seeks dialogue with instruments and musicians from other cultures and has been working for several years with a 5 to 6-piece ensemble, integrating sound elements from other cultures into his music.


1  Jaran Seham Djodai Makonid  14:50

2  Friends Just Open Your Heart  07:48

3  Friends (As The Whole Is One)  10:02

4  Separation Is Just In Your Mind  04:55

5  Hu Al Awwal - Hu Al Acher  06:40

6  This World Is But A Moment  06:15

7  Dying And Returning  04:54





Medial Music, Alfa Media Germany


Germany, Europe


1999, 2001, 2012


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