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All You Can Eat - Thunder

All You Can Eat


Format: 2 CD, 1 DVD, 1 All Media

Genre: rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock

Barcode: 4029759100836

2cd + dvd // live a the brooklyn bowl 2014

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2cd + dvd // live a the brooklyn bowl 2014


British hard rock band from London/Brighton, active from 1989 to 2000, 2002 to 2009, and since 2011.

Danny Bowes - Lead Vocals
Luke Morley - Guitars & Vocals
Harry James - Drums & Percussion
Ben Matthews - Guitars & Keyboards
Chris Childs - Bass Guitar


CD1-1  Wonder Days  05:08

CD1-2  The Thing I Want  03:45

CD1-3  When The Music Played  06:36

CD1-4  Black Water  04:02

CD1-5  Resurrection Day  04:38

CD1-6  I Love The Weekend  03:34

CD1-7  Chasing Shadows  04:05

CD1-8  Serpentine  04:48

CD1-9  Be Good To Yourself  03:14

CD1-10  The Rocker  03:38

CD1-11  Superstition  05:02

CD1-12  Up Around The Bend  03:26

CD1-13  I'm Down  02:56

CD1-14  The Stealer  03:39

CD2-1  Backstreet Symphony  05:06

CD2-2  The Thing I Want  04:02

CD2-3  Black Water  05:24

CD2-4  Low Life In High Places  06:11

CD2-5  Be Good To Yourself  03:23

CD2-6  Wonder Days  05:16

CD2-7  The Devil Made Me Do It  05:20

CD2-8  Resurrection Day  05:02

CD2-9  Stand Up  04:23

CD2-10  The Rocker  03:51

CD2-11  Love Walked In  07:31

CD2-12  Dirty Love  11:59

CD2-13  Up Around The Bend  04:18

CD2-14  Just Another Suicide  08:16

DVD-1  Wonder Days Documentary Film 

DVD-2  Live At Loud Park, The Concert 

DVD-3  Bonus Material: RAK & Brooklyn Bowl Highlights 





Ward Records, Ear Music


Japan, Europe




Luke Morley,Chris Childs,Daniel Bowes,Ben Matthews,Gary 'Harry' James,Mark Luckhurst,Mikael Höglund

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