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Resiliency - Syberia



Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock, Post Rock

Barcode: 3663663000892


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Syberia is an instrumental rock band created in Barcelona in 2010. The four members of the band are Oscar Linares (guitar), JordiOnly (guitar, synths and programming), Quim Torres (bass) and Manel Song (drums). They have recorded three albums: Drawing a Future (2012), Resiliency (2016) and Seeds Of Change (2019).
Their songs are like a roller coaster where dynamics are the main protagonists, interspersing relaxed passages with more forceful moments. Their records are a decalogue of instrumental rock that consciously lean towards instrumental rock and post metal.

Since their release, they played many live shows throughout Spain and Europe, including festivals like Dcode, BBK Live, Primavera Sound, Mareira Fest, Stonefest, Htitud Fest, Sonorama, Vivid, Resurrection Fest, Download and the prestigious Dunk! Festival in Belgium.

Members: Oscar Linares (guitar), Quim Torres (bass), JordiOnly (guitar and synths) and Manel Song (drums)

Past members: Carlos Alonso (guitar), Gabriel Suárez (guitar), Xavi Forné (guitar), Kandro Ruiz (bass), David Olmo (Bass) and Oscar Caselles (drums).


1  Desertica 

2  Aram Chaos 

3  Ashfall 

4  Hiraeth 

5  Taunus 

6  Black Olympics 

7  Fortress 

8  Resiliency 

9  Herboren 

10  Hyperion 



CD, Vinyl


Debemur Morti Productions






Xavi Forné,Gabriel Suárez,Oscar Linares,Kandro Ruíz,Oskar Caselles,Carlos Alonso (8),David Olmo,Jordi Only,Quim Torres (2)

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