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The Complete Vinyl Box Set - Midnight Oil

The Complete Vinyl Box Set

Midnight Oil  

Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Box Set

Genre: rock, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Pub Rock, Post-Punk

Barcode: 0889853985111


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Rock band formed in Sydney, Australia, in 1972.
The Midnight Oil lineup remained quite stable over the band's long career: Peter Garrett as lead singer (and, early on, synthesizer), Jim (James) Moginie on guitar and keyboards, Martin Rotsey on guitar, and Rob (Robert) Hirst on drums. Andrew "Bear" James, the first bass player, left in 1979, replaced by Peter Gifford, who left in 1989 to be replaced by New Zealander Bones Hillman (born Wayne Stevens), ex-The Swingers, who remained with the group until its dissolution in 2002. Gary Morris (2) was the band's manager and effective sixth member (often credited with the simple title "Business" on albums) throughout. Hillman succumbed to cancer in November 2020.


A1  Powderworks 

A2  Head Over Heels 

A3  Dust 

A4  Used And Abused 

B1  Surfing With A Spoon 

B2  Run By Night 

B3  Nothing Lost - Nothing Gained 

C1  Cold Cold Change 

C2  Section 5 (Bus To Bondi) 

C3  Naked Flame 

C4  Back On The Borderline 

C5  Koala Sprint 

D1  No Reaction 

D2  Stand In Line 

D3  Profiteers 

D4  Is It Now? 

E1  No Time For Games 

E2  Knife's Edge 

F1  Wedding Cake Island 

F2  I'm The Cure 

G1  Don't Wanna Be The One 

G2  Brave Faces 

G3  Armistice Day 

G4  Someone Else To Blame 

G5  Basement Flat 

G6  Written In The Heart 

H1  Burnie 

H2  Quinella Holiday 

H3  Loves On Sale 

H4  If Ned Kelly Was King 

H5  Lucky Country 

I1  Outside World 

I2  Only The Strong 

I3  Short Memory 

I4  Read About It 

I5  Scream In Blue 

J1  US Forces 

J2  Power And The Passion 

J3  Maralinga 

J4  Tin Legs And Tin Mines 

J5  Somebody's Trying To Tell Me Something 

K1  When The Generals Talk 

K2  Best Of Both Worlds 

K3  Sleep 

K4  Minutes To Midnight 

K5  Jimmy Sharman's Boxers 

K6  Bakerman 

L1  Who Can Stand In The Way 

L2  Kosciusko 

L3  Helps Me Helps You 

L4  Harrisburg 

L5  Bells And Horns In The Back Of Beyond 

L6  Shipyards Of New Zealand 

M1  Progress 

M2  Hercules 

N1  Blossom And Blood 

N2  Pictures 

O1  Beds Are Burning 

O2  Put Down That Weapon 

O3  Dreamworld 

O4  Arctic World 

O5  Warakurna 

P1  The Dead Heart 

P2  Whoah 

P3  Bullroarer 

P4  Sell My Soul 

P5  Sometimes 

Q1  Blue Sky Mine 

Q2  Stars Of Warburton 

Q3  Bedlam Bridge 

Q4  Forgotten Years 

Q5  Mountains Of Burma (Incorrectly Pressed As "Stars Of Warburton") 

R1  King Of The Mountain 

R2  River Runs Red 

R3  Shakers And Movers 

R4  One Country 

R5  Antarctica 

S1  Feeding Frenzy 

S2  My Country 

S3  Renaissance Man 

S4  Earth And Sun And Moon 

S5  Truganini 

S6  Bushfire 

T1  Drums Of Heaven 

T2  Outbreak Of Love 

T3  In The Valley 

T4  Tell Me The Truth 

T5  Now Or Neverland 

U1  Underwater 

U2  Surf's Up Tonight 

U3  Common Ground 

U4  Time To Heal 

U5  Sins Of Omission 

U6  One Too Many Times 

V1  Star Of Hope 

V2  In The Rain 

V3  Bring On The Change 

V4  Home 

V5  E-Beat 

V6  Barest Degree 

V7  Gravelrash 

W1  Redneck Wonderland 

W2  Concrete 

W3  Cemetery In My Mind 

W4  Comfortable Place On The Couch 

W5  Safety Chain Blues 

W6  Return To Sender 

X1  Blot 

X2  The Great Gibber Plain 

X3  Seeing Is Believing 

X4  White Skin Black Heart 

X5  What Goes On 

X6  Drop In The Ocean 

Y1  Golden Age 

Y2  Too Much Sunshine 

Y3  Capricornia 

Y4  Luritja Way 

Y5  Tone Poem 

Y6  A Crocodile Cries 

Y7  Mosquito March 

Z1  Say Your Prayers 

Z2  Been Away Too Long 

Z3  Under The Overpass 

Z4  World That I See 

Z5  Poets And Slaves 



Vinyl, Box Set


Sony Music, Legacy






Jim Moginie,Peter Garrett,Martin Rotsey,Rob Hirst,Andrew James,Peter Gifford,Wayne Stevens

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