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Day Of Mourning - Despised Icon

Day Of Mourning

Despised Icon  

Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 CD, 1 All Media

Genre: rock, Hardcore, Death Metal, Deathcore

Barcode: 0889853323616




Despised Icon is a Canadian deathcore band from Montreal, Quebec. Formed in 2002, the band is noted for the talent of its drummer, Alex Pelletier, who makes frequent use of the blasting technique, as well as for its dual lead vocalists; Alex Erian and Steve Marois. Erian makes use of a mid-range growl technique while Marois performs high-pitched fry shrieks, deeper growled vocals and pig squeals. In April 2010, the band disbanded, but officially re-formed six years later in April 2016 after playing reunion shows in 2014 and 2015. Collectively the group has released six full-length albums while succumbing to very few lineup changes throughout their run.


LP-A1  Les Temps Changent 

LP-A2  Day Of Mourning 

LP-A3  Mvp 

LP-A4  All For Nothing 

LP-A5  Eulogy 

LP-B1  Made Of Glass 

LP-B2  Black Lungs 

LP-B3  Diva Of Disgust 

LP-B4  Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal 

LP-B5  Sleepless 

CD-1  Les Temps Changent  03:28

CD-2  Day Of Mourning  03:02

CD-3  Mvp  03:26

CD-4  All For Nothing  03:15

CD-5  Eulogy  03:29

CD-6  Made Of Glass  03:17

CD-7  Black Lungs  03:02

CD-8  Diva Of Disgust  03:26

CD-9  Entre Le Bien Et Le Mal  03:58

CD-10  Sleepless  04:48



CD, Vinyl


Century Media, Avalon, Shinigami Records, Chaotic Noiz


Brazil, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation, United States of America, Europe


2009, 2016


Yannick St-Amand,Alan Glassman,Max Lavelle,Alex Pelletier,Steve Marois,Alex Erian,Sebastien Piche,Eric Jarrin,Benoit Landreville,Al Glassman

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