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Benefit For Moogy Klingman - Utopia

Benefit For Moogy Klingman


Format: 4 CD, 2 DVD, 1 Box Set

Genre: rock, Prog Rock, Art Rock

Barcode: 0889466165627

.. moogy klingman / 4CD+2DVD / incl. 12pg booklet

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.. moogy klingman / 4CD+2DVD / incl. 12pg booklet


US American rock band formed in 1973 by Todd Rundgren.
During its first three years, the group was a progressive rock band with a somewhat fluid membership known as Todd Rundgren's Utopia. Most of the members in this early incarnation also played on Rundgren's solo albums of the period up to 1975. By 1976, the group was known simply as Utopia and was a stable quartet of Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, Roger Powell and John "Willie" Wilcox. This version of the group gradually abandoned prog-rock for straightforward rock and pop.

In 1980, they had a top 40 hit with "Set Me Free". Though often thought of as a Rundgren-oriented project, all four members of Utopia wrote, sang, produced and performed on their albums; "Set Me Free", for example, was sung by Sulton. The group broke up in 1986, but reunited briefly in 1992. More recently, beginning in 2011 the earlier prog-rock incarnation known as Todd Rundgren's Utopia was revived for a series of live shows.


CD1-1  Moogy's Boogie  02:08

CD1-2  Never Never Land  02:05

CD1-3  Crying In The Sunshine  05:55

CD1-4  Lady Face  05:17

CD1-5  Dust In The Wind  03:48

CD1-6  Utopia Theme  14:51

CD1-7  Freak Parade  10:29

CD1-8  Another Life  06:53

CD1-9  The Ikon  17:27

CD2-1  Heavy Metal Kids  03:57

CD2-2  The Wheel  06:23

CD2-3  Set Me Free  03:29

CD2-4  Do Ya  03:36

CD2-5  Last Ride  04:36

CD2-6  Just One Victory  05:59

CD2-7  Sons Of 1984  04:36

CD2-8  (You Got To Have) Friends  05:18

CD3-1  Utopia Theme  14:41

CD3-2  Freak Parade  10:44

CD3-3  Heavy Metal Kids  04:23

CD3-4  Another Life  07:19

CD3-5  Something's Coming  03:19

CD3-6  The Seven Rays  13:42

CD4-1  Do Ya  04:20

CD4-2  The Wheel  07:12

CD4-3  The Ikon  25:36

CD4-4  Freedom Fighters  04:44

CD4-5  Just One Victory  07:32

DVD1-1  [intro]  00:38

DVD1-2  Moogy's Boogie  02:11

DVD1-3  Never Never Land  02:23

DVD1-4  Crying In The Sunshine  06:01

DVD1-5  Lady Face  05:28

DVD1-6  Dust In The Wind  04:41

DVD1-7  Utopia Theme  15:15

DVD1-8  Freak Parade  11:28

DVD1-9  Another Life  07:19

DVD1-10  The Ikon  18:31

DVD1-11  Heavy Metal Kids  04:40

DVD1-12  The Wheel  06:49

DVD1-13  Set Me Free  04:28

DVD1-14  Do Ya  03:56

DVD1-15  Last Ride  04:34

DVD1-16  Just One Victory  08:15

DVD1-17  Sons Of 1984  06:04

DVD1-18  (You Got To Have) Friends  05:23

DVD1-19  [credits]  01:28

DVD1-20  Kevin Ellman  05:15

DVD1-21  Ralph Schukett  09:33

DVD1-22  John Siegler  08:02

DVD1-23  Kasim Sulton   03:57

DVD1-24  Todd Rundgren  12:47

DVD1-25  Moogy Klingman  13:54

DVD2-1  Utopia Theme  15:58

DVD2-2  Freak Parade  11:17

DVD2-3  Heavy Metal Kids  04:53

DVD2-4  Another Life  07:10

DVD2-5  Something's Coming  04:05

DVD2-6  The Seven Rays  09:19

DVD2-7  Do Ya  05:01

DVD2-8  The Wheel  07:38

DVD2-9  The Ikon  25:30

DVD2-10  Freedom Fighters  06:18

DVD2-11  Just One Victory  07:26

DVD2-12  [credits]  01:30







Todd Rundgren,Ralph Schuckett,Kasim Sulton,Roger Powell,John Siegler,Kevin Ellman,John Wilcox,Jean-Yves Labat,Mark Klingman,David Mason (6)

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