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Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic - Ghost

Seven Inches Of Satanic Panic


Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Pop Rock, Psychedelic Rock

Barcode: 0888072510746


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Heavy metal/rock band from Sweden formed in 2008. Due to legal issues, the band was briefly forced to release music under the Ghost B.C. name in the United States. They absolutely refused to use the name on any merchandise or in any other manner.

Ghost is known for keeping its members anonymous. Every album lists the musicians as "Nameless Ghouls" and the singer as "Papa Emeritus / Papa Emeritus II / Papa Emeritus III". The lead singer is the same, however they announce a new lead singer every album. Ghost is also known for its influence from classic rock and the satanic church theme in their music.

Tobias Forge revealed himself as "The Man Behind The Mask of GHOST" in first public interview on August 17, 2017 on Swedish Radio Channel P1.

Fictional members/aliases:
Papa Emeritus 0 - Vocals, Saxophone [deceased]
Papa Emeritus I - Vocals [deceased]
Papa Emeritus II - Vocals [deceased]
Papa Emeritus III - Vocals [deceased]
Papa Emeritus IV (Previously Cardinal Copia) - Vocals [current]
Nameless Ghoul [Elementals , no longer used]: Fire, Water, Earth, Air & Aether

Current Members:
Tobias Forge - Vocals (2010-Present), often plays guitar on recordings also
2018 Touring Band:
Guitar Ghoul (white) - Per Eriksson
Guitar Ghoul (black) - Chris Catalyst
Multi-Ghoul (Swiss Army Ghoul - guitar, backing vocals, tamborine, portrays Papa Nihil for sax solo on "Miasma") - Justin Taylor
Drum Ghoul - Hayden Scott
Bass Ghoul - Cosmo Sylvan
Keyboard/Backing Vocals/Keytar Ghuleh - Laura Scarborough
Keyboard/Backing Vocals/Tambourine Ghuleh - Mad Gallica

Past Members:
Simon Söderberg - Lead Guitarist (2010-2016)
Martin Persner - Rhythm Guitarist (2010-2016)
Henrik Palm - Rhythm Guitarist (2015-2016)
Gustaf Lindström - Bass (2010-2011)
Rikard Ottosson - Bass (2011-2013)
Ludvig Kernberg - Studio Drums (Opus Eponymous, Meliora & Prequelle. Includes bonus tracks)
Aksel Holmgren - Drums (2010-2014)
Dave Grohl - Studio Drums and Guitar (If You Have Ghost EP) (2013)
Martin Hjertstedt - Drums (2014-2016)
Mauro Rubino - Keyboards (2011-2016)


A  Kiss The Go-Goat  03:15

B  Mary On A Cross  04:04



Vinyl, File


Loma Vista


United States of America, Europe


2019, 2023


Chris Catalyst,Zac Baird,Per Eriksson (2),Martin Persner,Simon Söderberg,Tobias Forge,Henrik Palm,Rikard Ottosson,Martin Hjertstedt,Ludvig Kennberg,Ben Christo,Aksel Holmgren,Gustaf Lindström,Megan X Thomas,Jan-Vincent Velazco

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