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The Running Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - Harold Faltermeyer

The Running Man (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Harold Faltermeyer  

Format: 2 Vinyl

Genre: electronic, Stage & Screen, Synth-pop, Soundtrack, Score

Barcode: 0888072181403

deluxe edition



deluxe edition


German musician, born October 5th, 1952, in Munich.

Harold Faltermeyer played synthesizer on Donna Summers' "Bad Girls" album along with executive producer Giorgio Moroder.

Following his work with Laura Branigan on her 1984 album "Self Control", he produced soundtracks for the motion pictures "Beverly Hills Cop" and "Top Gun" and won Grammy Awards for each of them.

"Axel F", from Beverly Hills Cop, entered the US-charts at number 3, in 1985. The Pet Shop Boys had him produce their 1990 album "Behaviour".

Faltermeyer collaborated with German band Milch on an album, which never was released and currently (2013) still lives in his hometown Munich, focussing on songwriting.


A1  Logo-Bakersfield [Full-length Version]  03:00

A2  Fight / Escape  03:51

A3  Game Show Promo  00:36

A4  Laughlin's Collar / Richards' Collar  02:00

A5  Network  00:36

A6  Richards' Apt. Sneak  01:13

A7  Captain Freedom's Workout  01:56

A8  Airport Chase  01:26

A9  Medical Checkup  02:23

B1  Richards' Intro  00:49

B2  Hawaii / Amber Sneaks / Richards' Betrayal / Blast Off  02:00

B3  Richards Lands / Come On Down  01:25

B4  Subzero Intro  01:58

B5  Subzero  03:55

B6  Count's Aria Marriage Of Figaro [Instrumental Version Of Dynamo's Theme]  00:40

B7  Uplink / Amber Launch / Richards Grabs Amber  02:55

B8  Buzzsaw Dynamo  01:51

B9  Buzzsaw Attack  01:54

C1  Weiss Finds Uplink  01:17

C2  Buzzsaw-Richards Fight  01:55

C3  Valkyrie Intro / Valkyrie  02:37

C4  Spare Dynamo / Laughlin Dies  02:22

C5  Fireball Intro  01:23

C6  Fireball Chase  02:04

C7  Fireball-Amber  02:09

C8  Death March  00:48

C9  Fake Death  01:37

D1  Mick / Richards Amber  01:40

D2  Broadcast Attack  05:06

D3  Killan Is Launched [Unreleased Version]  00:55

D4  Revolution / End Credits [Alternate Version Of Intro-Bakersfield]  01:59

D5  Intro-Bakersfield  02:02

D6  Captain Freedom's Workout [Full-length Version]  02:27

D7  Massacre Highlights  01:09

D8  Buzzsaw Attack [Minus Lead Guitar]  01:53



CD, Vinyl, Cassette


Varèse Sarabande, That's Entertainment Records, TER, Colosseum , Capelight Pictures


Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, UK & Ireland


1987, 1988, 2018, 2020


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