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Original Album Classics - Slowdive

Original Album Classics


Format: 1 Box Set, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0886979489523

jot for a day / souvlaki / pygmalion

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jot for a day / souvlaki / pygmalion


Slowdive are a shoegaze band formed in Reading, England in 1989. Initially lasting until 1995, the band reformed in 2014. The classic line-up consists of Rachel Goswell (vocals / guitar), Nick Chaplin (bass), Neil Halstead (vocals / guitar), Simon Scott (drums 1990 - 1994 and 2014 onwards) and Christian Savill (guitar). The band had three other drummers: Adrian Sell (1989), Neil Carter (1990) and Ian McCutcheon (1994 - 1995)

After debut album "Just For A Day" saw the band emerge as a leading shoegaze band, the band sought to embark on a US tour during 1993, following the release of Souvlaki (which is their most popular and well-received record), however, they didn't receive the necessary funding from SBK, their label, for the last two weeks of the tour. Rather than shun a US tour, they chose to finance it out of their own pockets and managed to tour briefly during that year in the US.

In 1995, the band recorded their third album, "Pygmalion". A misunderstood and widely misinterpreted "ambient" record, it took the dreamy guitar sound and warm yet solemn tone of earlier Slowdive to a newer, more minimalist extreme.

After Slowdive were dropped by Creation Records, Halstead, Goswell and McCutcheon decided to change musical direction to a dream pop / country rock / folk music style through the band Mojave 3. Neil Halstead also formed Black Hearted Brother, Rachel Goswell also performs with alternative rock supergroup Minor Victories, Simon Scott has been involved with a variety of musical projects including Inner Sleeve, Televise, Lowgold, The Sight Below, Seavault and Chapterhouse and Christian Savill formed Monster Movie. Goswell, Halstead and Scott have also released a number of solo projects.

In January 2017, Slowdive announced they signed to Dead Oceans to work on new material. On January 12, the band released "Star Roving", their first song in 22 years. Their fourth, eponymous album "Slowdive" was released in May 5th 2017 to critical acclaim.


1-1  Spanish Air  06:06

1-2  Celia's Dream  04:13

1-3  Catch The Breeze  04:22

1-4  Ballad Of Sister Sue  04:34

1-5  Erik's Song  04:27

1-6  Waves  05:54

1-7  Brighter  03:50

1-8  The Sadman  04:47

1-9  Primal  05:30

2-1  Alison  03:53

2-2  Machine Gun  04:28

2-3  40 Days  03:16

2-4  Sing  04:51

2-5  Here She Comes  02:21

2-6  Souvlaki Space Station  05:59

2-7  When The Sun Hits  04:47

2-8  Altogether  03:42

2-9  Melon Yellow  03:55

2-10  Dagger  03:38

3-1  Rutti  10:08

3-2  Crazy For You  06:03

3-3  Miranda  04:51

3-4  Trellisaze  06:24

3-5  Cello  01:35

3-6  J's Heaven  06:48

3-7  Visions Of LA  01:48

3-8  Blue Skied An' Clear  06:56

3-9  All Of Us  04:10



Box Set, CD, File


Sony Music, Legacy, Sony Music UK






Neil Halstead,Rachel Goswell,Ian McCutcheon,Simon Scott,Christian Savill,Nick Chaplin,Adrian Sell

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