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Live At Rockpalast 1995 - Paradise Lost

Live At Rockpalast 1995

Paradise Lost  

Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD, 1 All Media

Genre: rock, Gothic Metal

Barcode: 0885513908520

. rockpalast 1995

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. rockpalast 1995


Metal band formed in 1988 in Halifax, UK.

Along with country-mates Anathema and My Dying Bride, Paradise Lost are credited with creating the death/doom sub genre, although they have also been partially attributable for pioneering what is today known as gothic metal. Throughout their career the band have confounded fans and critics alike with their perpetual taste for reinvention and experimentation, a desire to work with producers from other musical genres, and an oft-stated refusal to repeat themselves for fear of stagnation.
Lost Paradise, Gothic and Shades Of God established the band as one of death/doom's leading forces but by 1993's Icon they were gradually moving away these influences and instead opting for a more melancholy, slightly goth-influenced (though still metal) mainstream sound, they continued this trend on the extremely popular (albeit controversial) Draconian Times and One Second then losing almost all metallic ties on albums such as Host and Believe In Nothing. 2002's Symbol Of Life saw the band begin to revert to its goth rock and heavy metal roots, subsequent releases have charted the band's exploration back into gothic and heavy metal territory.


CD-1  Enchantment   07:48

CD-2  Widow   03:10

CD-3  Dying Freedom   03:44

CD-4  Forever Failure   04:25

CD-5  Shadowkings  04:44

CD-6  Remembrance  03:24

CD-7  Pity The Sadness  05:09

CD-8  Sweetness  04:25

CD-9  Once Solem  03:01

CD-10  Hallowed Land  05:14

CD-11  Last Time  03:33

CD-12  Embers fire  04:57

CD-13  As I die  04:00

CD-14  True Belief  04:48

DVD-1  Enchantment  07:48

DVD-2  Widow   03:10

DVD-3  Dying Freedom  03:44

DVD-4  Forever Failure  04:25

DVD-5  Shadowkings  04:44

DVD-6  Remembrance  03:24

DVD-7  Pity The Sadness  05:09

DVD-8  Sweetness   04:25

DVD-9  Once Solemn   03:01

DVD-10  Hallowed Land  05:14

DVD-11  Last Time   03:33

DVD-12  Embers Fire   04:57

DVD-13  As I Die  04:00

DVD-14  True Belief  04:48



CD, Vinyl


Music On Vinyl, MIG


Germany, Europe


2019, 2020


Aaron Aedy,Nick Holmes,Gregor Mackintosh,Adrian Erlandsson,Jeff Singer,Lee Morris,Stephen Edmondson,Matthew Archer,Waltteri Väyrynen

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