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Bremenmarsch (Live At Schlachthof 12. 10. 1987) - Laibach

Bremenmarsch (Live At Schlachthof 12. 10. 1987)


Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 CD

Genre: electronic, rock, Alternative Rock, Industrial

Barcode: 0885513023513

.. live at schlachthof

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.. live at schlachthof


Controversial Slovenian Post-Industrial band formed 1980 in Trbovlje, at the time Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
Laibach is the German name for Slovenia's capital city Ljubljana.

Initially one of the founders of Martial Industrial music, they changed their musical direction to a more Rock-, Pop- and Techno-/Dance-inspired crossover style in later years.
In 2015 Laibach played two shows in North Korea, making them the first 'western' band to perform there.

The band's official members are: Dachauer, Eber, Keller (2) and Saliger.

Actual band members and/or collaborators:
Andrej Lupinc - founding member, bass guitar
Anja Rupel - vocals
Bine Zerko - founding member
Boris Benko - synthesizer, vocals
Borut Kržišnik - guitar
Damjan Bizilj - synthesizer
Dan Landin - clarinet
Dare Hočevar - bass guitar
Dejan Knez - founding member, keyboards, electronics, voice, drums
Dragoslav Radojković - drums
Ervin Markošek - drums, keyboards, electronics
Eva Breznikar - vocals, percussion
Fritz Catlin - drums
Ivan Novak - lights, projection, also electronics and voice in a few concerts
Iztok Turk - electronics
Janez Gabrič - drums
Johnatan Langram - vocals
Jože Pegam - saxophone
Lado Jakša - saxophone, keyboards
Luka Jamnik - synthesizer
Marina Mårtensson - vocals
Marko Košnik - electronics
Matej Mršnik - guitars
Matjaž Pegam - drums
Milan Fras - vocals
Mina Špiler - vocals, synthesizer
Nataša Regovec - vocals, percussion
Nikola Sekulović - bass guitar
Oto Rimele - guitar
Peter Lovšin - guitar
Peter Mlakar - philosopher and public speaker at concerts
Primož Hladnik - synthesizer
Roman Dečman - drums
Sašo Vollmaier - synthesizer
Srečko Bajda - founder, electronics
Tomaž Hostnik - vocals
Tone Dimnik - drums
Uroš Umek - ?


A1  Leben -Tod   03:59

A2  Država (Machen Wir Deutschland Wieder Frei)   03:24

A3  Trans-National  04:46

A4  Krvava Gruda - Plodna Zemlja   04:40

A5  Die Liebe  03:47

B1  How The West Was Won  04:22

B2  Leben Heisst Leben   05:26

B3  Geburt Einer Nation   05:09

B4  Life Is Life  05:39

CD1  Intro (Radio Announcement)  00:32

CD2  Leben -Tod  03:59

CD3  Država (Machen Wir Deutschland Wieder Frei)   03:24

CD4  Trans-National  04:46

CD5  Krvava Gruda - Plodna Zemlja  04:40

CD6  Die Liebe  03:47

CD7  Ti, Ki Izzivaš  07:46

CD8  Krst  05:27

CD9  How The West Was Won  04:22

CD10  Leben Heisst Leben  05:26

CD11  Geburt Einer Nation  05:09

CD12  Agnus Dei (Acropolis, Exil Und Tod)  02:52

CD13  Wutachschluch (Fragment)  04:02

CD14  Life Is Life  05:39



CD, Vinyl








Tomaž Hostnik,Mina Špiler,Dejan Knez,Milan Fras,Jan Novak

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