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Retrospective 1974-2010 - Alex Conti

Retrospective 1974-2010

Alex Conti  

Format: 3 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0885513005823


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German guitarist, born 2 April 1952 in Berlin, Germany played first with the group Psy Free together with Klaus Schulze between 1967-1969


CD1-1  Atlantis: "Oh Baby"  02:52

CD1-2  Atlantis: "Son Of A Bitch's Son"  03:50

CD1-3  Atlantis: "Godfather"  03:30

CD1-4  Atlantis: "Rock Me Baby"  04:38

CD1-5  Rudolf Rock & die Schocker: "Teddybär"  02:17

CD1-6  Lake: "Down The Middle"  05:24

CD1-7  Lake: "Lost By The Wayside"  04:34

CD1-8  Lake: "Chasing Colours"  03:52

CD1-9  Lake: "Red Lake"  05:07

CD1-10  Salt III: "Dreams"  04:51

CD1-11  Salt III: "Fire"  03:46

CD1-12  Salt III: "Talk To Me, Baby"  05:18

CD1-13  Conti: "Nights On The Highway"  05:36

CD1-14  Conti: "Waterprotected"  06:00

CD1-15  Conti: "You're A Monster"  04:13

CD1-16  Conti: "Take Me As I Am"  06:13

CD2-17  Continued: "Under Arrest"  03:58

CD2-18  Continued: "Better Things To Do"  03:26

CD2-19  Continued: The Way It's Gotta Be"  04:03

CD2-20  Elephant: "Sayonara"  05:26

CD2-21  Elephant: "Harvest For The World"  03:58

CD2-22  Elephant: "You Drive Me Crazy"  06:34

CD2-23  Elephant: "Addicted To Love"  05:22

CD2-24  Rosebud: "My Baby - Your Baby"  04:11

CD2-25  Rosebud: "Dynamite"  04:08

CD2-26  Rosebud: "White Noise Boogie"  04:29

CD2-27  Rosebud: "Keep Smiling"  05:24

CD2-28  Electric Ballroom: "You've Seen It All"  07:34

CD2-29  Electric Ballroom: "Over Under Sideways Down"  02:41

CD2-30  Electric Ballroom: "Wanna Be Your Mate"  04:15

CD2-31  Rockship: "Down To The Wire"  03:13

CD2-32  Rockship: "From The Sky"  06:11

CD3-33  Rockship: "Main Attraction"  04:33

CD3-34  Hamburg Blues Band: "Love Me Or Leave Me"  02:50

CD3-35  Hamburg Blues Band: "Make My Day"  04:14

CD3-36  Hamburg Blues Band: "Woza N Azu"  18:14

CD3-37  Berlin Blues: "Till Your Loving Makes Me Blue"  04:06

CD3-38  Rorymania: "Too Much Alcohol"  05:59

CD3-39  Kaleidoskopia: "Art Is"  09:06

CD3-40  Kaleidoscopia: "The Sea"  11:42

CD3-41  Kaleidoscopia: "Spectral Voyager"  11:07

CD3-42  Shetar: "Bei mir bist du schön"  04:53







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