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The Book Of Ogan - Orden Ogan

The Book Of Ogan

Orden Ogan  

Format: 1 Box Set, 2 DVD, 1 CD, 1 CD

Genre: heavy metal, rock, Power Metal

Barcode: 0884860149778

book sized boxset

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book sized boxset


Power Metal band from Arnsberg, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) formed 1996.

Current line-up
Sebastian Levermann (aka Seeb): Vocals (Guitar until 2019)
Dirk Meyer-Berhorn: Drums
Nils Löffler: Guitar (Bass until 2018)
Steven Wussow: Bass (since 2018)
Patrick Sperling: Guitar (since 2019)

Former/Past members
Nils Weise: Vocals, Keyboard
Verena Melchert (aka Jinx): Flûte
Tobias Kersting: Guitar Duke (GER) [until 2019]
Sebastian Grütling (aka Ghnu): Drums
Lars Schneider: Bass
Marc Peters: Guitar [1998-2000]
Timo Könnecke (aka Mo): Bass
Sebastian Severin (aka Seve): Vocals, Bass
Stefan Manarin (aka Terrazzo): Vocals, Guitar


DVD1-1  Introduction  01:47

DVD1-2  Part I: 1996-2008 - Becoming A Band  17:27

DVD1-3  Part II: 2008 - Vale  06:25

DVD1-4  Part III: 2010 - Easton Hope  22:08

DVD1-5  Part IV: 2012 - To The End  20:02

DVD1-6  Part V: 2015 - Ravenhead  20:43

DVD1-7  Part VI: 2015 - ? - Conclusion  04:41

DVD1-8  2004: Angels War   07:36

DVD1-9  2008: The Lords Of The Flies  03:59

DVD1-10  2010: We Are Pirates!  07:50

DVD1-11  2010: Easton Hope  07:38

DVD1-12  2012: The Things We Believe In   04:58

DVD1-13  2012: Land Of The Dead  04:40

DVD1-14  2012: Masks  04:22

DVD1-15  2015: F.E.V.E.R   04:25

DVD1-16  The Making Of "To The End"  14:46

DVD1-17  "Rhapsody" -Tour Report  11:34

DVD1-18  The Making Of "The Things We Believe In"  02:10

DVD2-1  Ordan Ogan 

DVD2-2  F.E.V.E.R 

DVD2-3  Deaf Among The Blind 

DVD2-4  We Are Pirates!  

DVD2-5  Farewell 

DVD2-6  Ravenhead  

DVD2-7  Here At The End Of The World  

DVD2-8  Sorrow Is Your Tale 

DVD2-9  Announcement 

DVD2-10  The Things We Believe In 

DVD2-11  Orden Ogan 

DVD2-12  F.E.V.E.R 

DVD2-13  To New Shores Of Sadness  

DVD2-14  The Lords Of The Flies  

DVD2-15  To The End 

DVD2-16  Ravenhead 

DVD2-17  We Are Pirates! 

DVD2-18  Deaf Among The Blind  

DVD2-19  The Things We Believe In  

DVD2-20  "Angels War" Live At Summer Breeze 2013  07:23

DVD2-21  "Easton Hope" Live At Wacken 2010  07:44

DVD2-22  "Rites Of Vale" Animated Comic  10:54

DVD2-23  "Masks" Alternative Clip  04:25

DVD2-24  Festival Report 2013  14:58

DVD2-25  EMP/Rockinvasion Interview At Summer Breeze 2013  05:59

DVD2-26  Rock Hard Interview At Bang Your Head 2015  06:03

DVD2-27  Sons Of Metal Interview In Paris 2014/2015  16:12

CD1-1  To The End  05:53

CD1-2  F.E.V.E.R   04:24

CD1-3  All These Dark Years   05:39

CD1-4  The Things We Believe In   05:06

CD1-5  To New Shores Of Sadness  06:16

CD1-6  A Reason To Give   04:34

CD1-7  Farewell   03:50

CD1-8  We Are Pirates!   07:30

CD1-9  The Lords Of The Flies   04:01

CD1-10  The Ice Kings   04:56

CD1-11  Deaf Among The Blind   05:06

CD1-12  Masks   04:24

CD1-13  Ravenhead   06:06

CD1-14  Requiem  04:57

CD2-1  Testimonium A.d.   02:44

CD2-2  Ethereal Ocean  05:28

CD2-3  Angels War   06:56

CD2-4  Moods  07:20

CD2-5  Y, U, Id Ant My  05:57

CD2-6  Golden  07:30

CD2-7  The Step Away  04:28







Sebastian Levermann,Nils Weise,Klaus Dirks,Lars Schneider (3),Tobias Kersting,Niels Löffler,Dirk Meyer-Berhorn,Steven Wussow,Timo Könnecke,Sebastian Grütling,Patrick Sperling

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