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Hard Time - Jeremie Albino

Format: 1 CD

Genre: blues, Folk, World, & Country

Barcode: 0858713002114


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Toronto, Ontario
There’s no counting the worlds Jeremie Albino has travelled to get to where he is today, and no telling which ones he might head to next. Born and raised in the bright and booming metropolis of Toronto, his heart led him out of the city and into Prince Edward County, where country living and a decade of working on farms gave him the time and space to hone his songwriting skills.


1  Last Night 

2  Trouble 

3  Amelia 

4  Lilac Way 

5  Hard Time 

6  Storm 

7  The Cabin 

8  Midnight Wedding 

9  Wildfire 

10  Shipwreck 



Vinyl, CD, File


Cinematic Music Group, Sleepless Records , Sleepless Records


Canada, United States of America, USA & Canada




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