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One More For The Fans - Lynyrd Skynyrd

One More For The Fans

Lynyrd Skynyrd  

Format: 2 CD, 1 DVD, 1 All Media

Genre: rock, Southern Rock

Barcode: 0858135004680

. the fans!

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. the fans!


Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced /ˌlɛnərd ˈskɪnərd/ len-ərd-skin-ərd) is an American rock band best known for popularizing the Southern hard rock genre during the 1970s. Originally formed in 1964 as the "Noble Five" in Jacksonville, Florida, the band rose to worldwide recognition on the basis of its driving live performances and signature tunes "Sweet Home Alabama," and "Free Bird." At the peak of their success, three members died in an airplane crash in 1977, putting an abrupt end to the band's most popular incarnation.
Surviving members re-formed in 1987 for a reunion tour with lead singer Ronnie Van Zant's younger brother Johnny as frontman. A version of the band continues to tour and record, with only Gary Rossington of its original members remaining as of 2012. Lynyrd Skynyrd was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 13, 2006.


CD1-1  Whiskey Rock A Roller   04:39

CD1-2  You Got That Right   05:04

CD1-3  Saturday Night Special  04:50

CD1-4  Workin’ For MCA  05:26

CD1-5  Don’t Ask Me No Questions  04:12

CD1-6  Gimme Back My Bullets  03:48

CD1-7  The Ballad Of Curtis Loew  05:20

CD1-8  Simple Man  08:59

CD1-9  That Smell   07:38

CD1-10  Four Walls Of Raiford  05:22

CD2-1  I Know A Little  03:35

CD2-2  Call Me The Breeze  05:36

CD2-3  What’s Your Name  03:56

CD2-4  Down South Jukin’  04:10

CD2-5  Gimme Three Steps  04:42

CD2-6  Tuesday’s Gone  06:58

CD2-7  Travelin’ Man  04:21

CD2-8  Free Bird   13:59

CD2-9  Sweet Home Alabama  03:32

DVD-1  Whiskey Rock A Roller 

DVD-2  You Got That Right 

DVD-3  Saturday Night Special 

DVD-4  Workin’ For MCA 

DVD-5  Don’t Ask Me No Questions 

DVD-6  Gimme Back My Bullets 

DVD-7  The Ballad Of Curtis Loew 

DVD-8  Simple Man 

DVD-9  That Smell 

DVD-10  Four Walls Of Raiford 

DVD-11  I Know A Little 

DVD-12  Call Me The Breeze 

DVD-13  What’s Your Name 

DVD-14  Down South Jukin’ 

DVD-15  Gimme Three Steps 

DVD-16  Tuesday’s Gone 

DVD-17  Travelin’ Man 

DVD-18  Free Bird 

DVD-19  Sweet Home Alabama 

DVD-20  Lynyrd Skynyrd Interview 

DVD-21  Influence Of Lynyrd Skynyrd 

DVD-22  Country And Lynyrd Skynyrd 



CD, Blu-ray, DVD, Vinyl


Shinigami Records, Ward Records, Ear Music, Loud & Proud Records


Australia, Brazil, Japan, United States of America, Europe




Kenny Aronoff,Johnny Colt,Leon Wilkeson,Gary Rossington,Steve Gaines,Ronnie Van Zant,Billy Powell,Bob Burns (2),Allen Collins,Ed King (2),Rick Medlocke,Greg T. Walker,Carol Chase,Keith Christopher,Hughie Thomasson,Owen Hale,Michael Cartellone,Mark Matejka,Randall Hall,Johnny Van Zant,Jeffery McAllister,Larry Junstrom,Dale Krantz Rossington,Carol Bristow,Kurt Custer,Robert Kearns,Mike Estes,Debbie Davis-Estes,Peter Pisarczyk,Ean Evans,Thomas D. Pyle

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