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Ku Klux Glam - Ariel Pink

Ku Klux Glam

Ariel Pink  

Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: pop, rock, Experimental, Indie Pop, Lo-Fi

Barcode: 0827565061525


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Ariel Marcus Rosenberg (aka Ariel Pink) was born on 24 June 1978. He studied visual art at the California Institute of the Arts before quitting to concentrate on his music.


A1  Desperation Passion 

A2  Dutch Me 

A3  Come My Way 

A4  I Love To Meet People, I Hate To Know Them 

A5  Desperation Passion  

A6  P 

A7  Cherrybaby Comeout2night 

A8  Lofi No Cry 

A9  Fadermasturbator  

A10  Jacuzzi Spa 

A11  Hauntedgraffridgerator 

A12  MG82cx 

A13  BarbacutieKluxClan pt 1 

A14  Carmen Come On 

A15  Doldreams 

A16  Spring Break Lucky Streak  

B1  No Zipper 

B2  Decision 

B3  Organ Trumpet Tower 

B4  Whunt12for3 

B5  Pull 

B6  Haunted Graffridgerator 

B7  Nu Wav 

B8  Nostradamus 

B9  Breakfast Burrito Deluxe 

B10  Horne Of Plenty 

B11  Sacred Snow 

B12  BarbacutieKluxClam pt2 

B13  Closing Credits 



Cassette, Vinyl


BIG LOVE RECORDS, Post/Pop Records, Stroll On Records


Japan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America


2012, 2013, 2016, 2017


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