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Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés 1987-1991 - Pere Ubu

Les Haricots Sont Pas Salés 1987-1991

Pere Ubu  

Format: 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Vinyl, 1 Box Set

Genre: rock, Alternative Rock, Avantgarde

Barcode: 0809236145918

. sont pas sales 1987-1991

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. sont pas sales 1987-1991


Formed 1975, Cleveland Ohio.
David Thomas (b.1953), voc; Tom Herman (b.1949), gtr; Peter Laughner (d. 1977), gtr; Mayo Thompson (b. 1944), gtr; Jim Jones (d.2008), gtr; Allen Ravenstine (b.1950), synth; Dave Taylor, synth; Eric Drew Feldman, synth; Tim Wright (d.2013), bass; Tony Maimone (b.1952), bass; Scott Krauss (b.1950), drums; Anton Fier, drums; Chris Cutler (b. 1947), drums; Garo Yellin, cello; Michele Temple (b. 1959), bass; Robert Wheeler (b.1957), EML synthesizers & theremin; Scott Benedict, drums; Steve Mehlman (b.1971), drums; Wayne Kramer, gtr; Andy Diagram (b. 1959), trumpet.

Evolving from Cleveland's Teutonic protopunks, Rocket From the Tomb, Pere Ubu was formed late in 1975 by Thomas (aka Crocus Behemoth) and guitarist Peter Laughner (who died in 1977). Ubu's classic early singles, "Heart Of Darkness" and "Final Solution," oozed restless angst way before it became the domain of spoiled mallrats. By 1978's aggressive The Modern Dance and the wilder Dub Housing, Pere Ubu's subversions of rock were guided by superior musicianship and fallout from Thomas's Jehovah's Witness upbringing. Personality quirks split the band, and Thomas regrouped for three more self-indulgent albums through 1982, including the abstract stare-down of The Art Of Walking, all with some difficult sonic perversion to recommend them.

After several Ubus found themselves onstage in Thomas's Wooden Birds, the band was revived for 1988's The Tenement Year. With newfound focus, Pere Ubu unleashed the ravishing funhouse pop experiment of 1989's Cloudland, which treated mainstream textures like found sounds. The sparkling pop, dented by Thomas's unique warble, continued with the gently peculiar Worlds In Collision. But Ubu tired of the total pop concept and returned to quirkier pursuits for Story Of My Life. Tim Kerr Records picked up the ball with 1995's full-bodied Ray Gun Suitcase--a mix of Ubu's vicious rock, luscious pop and art-damaged identities--and a series of multimedia-enhanced EPs, for which Thomas programmed the codes.


A1  Something's Gotta Give 

A2  George Had A Hat  

A3  Talk To Me  

A4  Busman's Honeymoon  

A5  Say Goodbye  

B1  Universal Vibration  

B2  Miss You  

B3  Dream The Moon  

B4  Rhythm King  

B5  The Hollow Earth  

B6  We Have The Technology 

C1  Breath  

C2  Race The Sun  

C3  Cry  

C4  Why Go It Alone?  

C5  Waiting For Mary 

C6  Ice Cream Truck  

C7  Bus Called Happiness  

D1  Love Love Love  

D2  Lost Nation Road  

D3  Nevada!  

D4  Flat  

D5  The Waltz  

D6  Pushin  

D7  Monday Night 

E1  Oh Catherine  

E2  I Hear They Smoke The Barbecue  

E3  Turpentine!  

E4  Goodnite Irene  

E5  Mirror Man  

E6  Don'T Look Back  

F1  Worlds In Collision  

F2  Life Of Riley  

F3  Over The Moon  

F4  Cry Cry Cry  

F5  Playback  

F6  Nobody Knows  

F7  Winter In The Firelands 

G1  Down By The River  

G2  Around The Fire  

G3  Like A Rolling Stone  

G4  Invisible Man  

G5  Fedora Satellite  

G6  Fire  

H1  Bang The Drum  

H2  Postman Drove A Caddy  

H3  Wine Dark Sparks  

H4  The Wire  

H5  The B Side 



File, Vinyl


Fire Records, Not On Label (Pere Ubu Self-Released)


Europe, USA & Europe




Andy Diagram,Anton Fier,Mayo Thompson,Chris Cutler,David Thomas (2),Eric Drew Feldman,Peter Laughner,Garo Yellin,Jim Jones (3),Tom Herman,Allen Ravenstine,Tony Maimone,Graham Dowdall,Scott Krauss,Tim Wright (2),Steve Mehlman,Kristof Hahn,Dave Taylor (4),Keith Moliné,Michele Temple,Robert Wheeler,Scott Benedict,Gary Siperko,Nadan Rojnić,P.O. Jørgens,Darryl Boon

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