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The Absoutely Essential 3CD Collection - Roy Orbison

The Absoutely Essential 3CD Collection

Roy Orbison  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0805520130646


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Singer-songwriter, born April 23, 1936, Vernon, Texas, USA; died December 7, 1988 outside Nashville, Tennessee, USA. One of the few American artists to score significant British success during the "beat boom" of 1963-5, he made a comeback with the Traveling Wilburys shortly before his death at the age of 52.

Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1987 (Performer).
Inducted into Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1989.

children: Wesley Orbison, Alex Orbison, Roy Orbison, Jr.
grandchildren: Emily Orbison, Roy Orbison III, Bo Orbison


A1  Crying  02:46

A2  Jolie  01:53

A3  Rock House  02:04

A4  You're My Baby  02:05

A5  Sweet And Easy To Love  02:11

A6  I'll Never Tell  02:04

A7  Uptown  02:04

A8  This Kind Of Love  02:06

A9  Today's Teardrops  02:11

A10  Sweet And Innocent  02:18

A11  Devil Doll  02:10

A12  Domino  02:13

A13  Go ! Go ! Go !  02:08

A14  Chicken Hearted  02:16

A15  Pretty One  02:16

A16  Bye Bye Love  02:14

A17  Problem Child  02:18

B1  Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)  02:31

B2  Mean Little Mama  01:56

B3  Cry  02:43

B4  You're Gonna Cry  02:07

B5  Blue Angel  02:51

B6  I Was A Fool  02:25

B7  22 Days  02:53

B8  Running Scared  02:12

B9  Paper Boy  02:14

B10  I Like Love  02:30

B11  I'm Hurtin'  02:45

B12  Here Comes That SOng Again  02:42

B13  Love Hurts  02:25

B14  Almost Eighteen  02:03

B15  Seems To Me  02:15

B16  Ooby Dooby  02:13

B17  With The Bug  02:27

C1  Only The Lonely  02:24

C2  Blue Avenue  02:19

C3  Candy Man  02:42

C4  The Crowd  02:21

C5  I Never Knew  02:20

C6  I Can't Stop Loving You  02:42

C7  It's Too Late  01:59

C8  The Actress  02:36

C9  Working For The Man  02:25

C10  I'll Say It's My Fault  02:24

C11  Wedding Day  02:05

C12  Come Back To Me (My Love)  02:27

C13  Lana  02:17

C14  Mama  02:59

C15  Raindrops  01:53

C16  Trying To Get You  02:39

C17  Leah  02:40







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