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Anesthetize (Live In Tilburg - Oct. 2008) - Porcupine Tree

Anesthetize (Live In Tilburg - Oct. 2008)

Porcupine Tree  

Format: 2 CD, 1 DVD, 1 All Media

Genre: electronic, rock, Prog Rock, Alternative Rock

Barcode: 0802644833477

=2CD+DVD= // live at the 013, tilburg, holland, 2008



=2CD+DVD= // live at the 013, tilburg, holland, 2008


English progressive rock band founded in 1987 by Steven Wilson in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire.

Originally a pseudonym for solo recordings by Steven Wilson. Colin Edwin, Chris Maitland & Richard Barbieri joined the band in 1993 and the band stayed that way until 2002, when Chris Maitland left the group, and Gavin Harrison replaced him.

Since their last album The Incident, the band has not officially disbanded, as many would like to think.
Steven Wilson has stated that Porcupine Tree will never be his prime focus again but only a side project. But he is open for more material in the future should the opportunities present itself.
Reason for this is because PT never let him explore beyond the core genre of the band like his solo work would allow him to do.


CD1-1  Intro  02:08

CD1-2  Fear Of A Blank Planet  07:34

CD1-3  My Ashes  04:46

CD1-4  Anesthetize  17:20

CD1-5  Sentimental  05:18

CD1-6  Way Out Of Here  07:47

CD1-7  Sleep Together  07:59

CD1-8  Prodigal  06:05

CD2-1  What Happens Now?  08:10

CD2-2  Normal  07:13

CD2-3  Dark Matter  08:57

CD2-4  Drown With Me  05:21

CD2-5  Cheating The Polygraph  08:11

CD2-6  Half-Light  05:28

CD2-7  Sever  05:37

CD2-8  Wedding Nails  05:43

CD2-9  Strip The Soul/Dot Three  08:17

CD2-10  Sleep Of No Dreaming  05:31

CD2-11  Halo  08:36

DVD-1  Intro  02:03

DVD-2  Fear Of A Blank Planet  07:38

DVD-3  My Ashes  04:43

DVD-4  Anesthetize  17:31

DVD-5  Sentimental  05:09

DVD-6  Way Out Of Here  07:51

DVD-7  Sleep Together  07:56

DVD-8  What Happens Now?  08:03

DVD-9  Normal  07:21

DVD-10  Dark Matter  08:54

DVD-11  Drown With Me  05:25

DVD-12  Cheating The Polygraph  08:09

DVD-13  Half-Light  05:27

DVD-14  Sever  05:37

DVD-15  Wedding Nails  05:34

DVD-16  Strip The Soul/Dot Three  08:26

DVD-17  Sleep Of No Dreaming  05:31

DVD-18  Halo  05:50

DVD-19  Outro  02:57



Blu-ray, DVD, Vinyl, CD, Blu-ray-R


Kscope, Kscope , Tonefloat, Cherry Red Records Ltd.


Germany, Netherlands, Russian Federation, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, UK & Europe


2010, 2011, 2015


Richard Barbieri,Steven Wilson,Colin Edwin,Gavin Harrison,John Wesley (3),Chris Maitland

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