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40 Live (Curætion-25 + Anniversary) - The Cure

40 Live (Curætion-25 + Anniversary)

The Cure  

Format: 2 Blu-ray

Genre: rock, Indie Rock, Post-Punk, New Wave, Goth Rock

Barcode: 0801213357994




English New Wave/post-punk / Pop Rock band founded in 1976 in Crawley, West Sussex.

The band has seen many line-up changes but Robert Smith has been the frontman/songwriter/vocalist/guitarist throughout their 40-year existence.

Robert Smith, vocals (1976-present)
Michael Dempsey, bass (1976-1979)
Lol Tolhurst, drums/keyboards (1976-1989)
Simon Gallup, bass (1979-1982, 1984-2021)
Matthieu Hartley, keyboards (1979-1980)
Phil Thornalley, bass (1983-1984)
Andy Anderson, drums (1983-1984)
Porl Thompson, saxophone/guitar/keyboards (1983, 1985-1993, 2005-2011)
Boris Williams, drums (1984-1994)
Roger O'Donnell, keyboards (1987-1990, 1995-2005, 2011-present)
Perry Bamonte, guitar/keyboards (1990-2005)
Jason Cooper, drums (1995-present)
Reeves Gabrels, guitar (2012-present)

Inducted into the "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame" in 2019


BD1-1  Three Imaginary Boys 

BD1-2  At Night 

BD1-3  Other Voices 

BD1-4  A Strange Day 

BD1-5  Bananafishbones 

BD1-6  A Night Like This 

BD1-7  Like Cockatoos 

BD1-8  Pictures Of You 

BD1-9  High 

BD1-10  Jupiter Crash 

BD1-11  39 

BD1-12  Us Or Them 

BD1-13  It's Over 

BD1-14  It Can Never Be The Same 

BD1-15  Step Into The Light 

BD1-16  The Hungry Ghost 

BD1-17  Alt.End 

BD1-18  The Last Day Of Summer 

BD1-19  Want 

BD1-20  From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 

BD1-21  Disintegration 

BD1-22  If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 

BD1-23  Sinking 

BD1-24  Shake Dog Shake 

BD1-25  One Hundred Years 

BD1-26  Primary 

BD1-27  A Forest 

BD1-28  Boys Don't Cry 

BD2-1  Plainsong 

BD2-2  Pictures Of You  

BD2-3  High 

BD2-4  A Night Like This  

BD2-5  The Walk  

BD2-6  The End Of The World  

BD2-7  Lovesong 

BD2-8  Push 

BD2-9  Inbetween Days  

BD2-10  Just Like Heaven  

BD2-11  If Only Tonight We Could Sleep  

BD2-12  Play For Today  

BD2-13  A Forest  

BD2-14  Shake Dog Shake  

BD2-15  Burn 

BD2-16  Fascination Street  

BD2-17  Never Enough  

BD2-18  From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea  

BD2-19  Disintegration 

BD2-20  Lullaby 

BD2-21  The Caterpillar  

BD2-22  Friday I'm In Love  

BD2-23  Close To Me  

BD2-24  Why Can't I Be You?  

BD2-25  Thanks @ 40  

BD2-26  Boys Don't Cry  

BD2-27  Jumping Someone Else's Train  

BD2-28  Grinding Halt  

BD2-29  10.15 Saturday Night  

BD2-30  Killing An Arab  



DVD, Blu-ray, CD


Eagle Vision


United States of America, Europe




Robert Smith,Phil Thornalley,Reeves Gabrels,Roger O'Donnell,Michael Dempsey,Porl Thompson,Laurence Tolhurst,Andy Anderson,Simon Gallup,Boris Williams,Perry Bamonte,Jason Cooper,Matthieu Hartley

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