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Born To Be Heiled - Hanzel Und Gretyl

Born To Be Heiled

Hanzel Und Gretyl  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: electronic, rock

Barcode: 0782388080026


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Hanzel und Gretyl started in 1993, & then made their first demo "Kindermusik" in 1994. They gave their demo to Energy Records in Manhattan & were immediately signed. In 1995 their first actual album, "Ausgeflippt" was released. Then the duo (Vas & Loopy) then formed a live band with Ginger Bread on bass & the Pat 5000 on drums. Having only five live shows Immediately following the success of Ausgeflippt HuG returned to the Studio & created their next opus "Transmissions from Uranus" which was released in 1997. "Transmissions from Uranus" was focused on Astrological, Sci-Fi, and futuristic influences incorporated with a more Techno/Metal vibe. Shortly afterwards, Hanzel und Gretyl's Energy Records gradually went out of business, this gave way to a long legal situation which unfortunately halted the progression of HuG. Then finally in 2002 they signed with Metropolis Records. For 2003, their much anticipated third epic album, Über Alles.


1  Hanzel Und Gretyl Für Immer  03:34

2  Unterstützung 87  03:31

3  Blitzkriegerz Und Hellriderz  03:32

4  Hammerzeit  03:53

5  Der Furor  02:14

6  Born To Be Heiled  03:15

7  Holy Shiza  03:24

8  Mötorschwein  03:44

9  I'm Movin' To Deutschland  04:23

10  Irönstar Outlaws  05:35

11  More German Than German  03:16



File, CD


Metropolis, Metropolis Metal


United States of America




Loopy (2),Vas Kallas,Anna Kjellberg

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