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Satan's Wrath - Thy Infernal

Satan's Wrath

Thy Infernal  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0768586002329




Thy Infernal was formed in the winter of 1996 in Portland, Oregon by Armageddon (bass/backing vocals) and Slut (guitar). They added three other members, Nihilist (vocals), Rapist (guitar), and Baphojay (drums). They began playing live shows and quickly became known as one of the most extreme live acts in America.

In 1997 they recruited a new drummer, Impaler, and they entered the studio for the first time to record a cover of "Die When You Die" for the GG Allin tribute CD "Straight From Hell". Also in 1997 they recorded and released their demo, "Satan's Wrath". In 1998 they recorded the track, "The Hordes Of Satan", for the Full Moon Productions compilation "A Tribute To Hell: Satanic Rites". Soon after this recording, Nihilist was dropped from the line-up, and Armageddon took over all vocal duties.

They signed with Moribund Records in 1998, and entered the studio that same year to record their debut full-length, "Satan's Wrath" (featuring re-recorded tracks from their demo plus 3 other tracks). It was released in 1999. One of the tracks from this session was "Black Magic", a Slayer cover that was also included on the Dwell Records compilation, "Gateway To Hell 2: Tribute To Slayer", released in 2000.

Following their live touring in support of the "Satan's Wrath" release, they entered the studio again in the winter of 1999 to begin recording their second full-length. This was released in 2001 as "Warlords Of Hell" on Moribund Records. After this release the drummer, Impaler, was replaced by original drummer Baphojay. Some live shows followed, but the band decided to call it quits in 2002. In 2003, Armageddon and Slut would go on to pursue Winter Of Apokalypse, a project they had begun in 1999.


1  For The Glory Of Satan  04:45

2  Descention  03:56

3  Behold The New Age Of Lord Satanas  05:22

4  Satan's Wrath  05:07

5  And To The Devil Six Sons  03:32

6  Our Past Victories  03:25

7  Black Magic  03:09



CD, Cassette


Moribund Records, Headsplit Records


United States of America


1999, 2016


Slut (2),Ryan Sorensen,Kevin Schreutelkamp,Jason Mosdell,Mike Sheldon (2)

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