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Ecstasy Of Death - Meat Shits

Ecstasy Of Death

Meat Shits  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0768586000325




American porngrind band from California. Started as a noisecore band in 1987.

Member aliases:
vocals - Robert Deathrage alias Blood Sponge, M.C. Whoremonger, Septic Vomit, Vaginal Decimator
guitar - Turd Cutter alias Fart Box
guitar - Aaron Ballenger alias Cunt Punisher (2)
guitar - Kindred McCune alias Stinko Badinko, Stinko Kuklinski, Stinkweed
guitar - Jason Oliver alias Herpe
bass - Scruff Muff alias Cunt Slime
bass - Dan (50) alias Stripper Ripper
bass & keyboards - Todd Stevenson alias Chancre
drums - Smegma Stench alias Sphincter Boil
drums - Shane Riley alias Bitch Basher
drums - Dario Derna alias Cancer (4)
drums - Max Ward alias Anthrax Max, Battle Axe Max, Hirax Max, Max 625, Max XXX, What Happens Max


1  Depravity 

2  There Is No God 

3  Children Of Rape 

4  Menstrual Blood Lust 

5  First Blow-Job 

6  Perverted Vengeance 

7  I Shit On Your Grave 

8  The Devil Made Me Do It 

9  Bulimic Excretion 

10  Orgasmic Euphoria 

11  Finger Fuck Surprise 

12  Poor Feminine Hygiene 

13  Bow To The Penis God 

14  In You...I Cum 

15  Act Of Love 

16  Anal Quickie/Act Of Hate 

17  Cock-Rock Faggots 

18  Septic Jesus 

19  Orgasm Of Cardiac Arrest 

20  Bloodbath Cleansing 

21  Forced Into Submission 

22  Meat Rabbit 

23  Revenge On A World Full Of Cunts 

24  Eat My Fuck 

25  Hairless But Hard 

26  Isolated And Gang Raped 

27  Sex-Life (Dub-Mix) 

28  Cocaine Cunt Numb 

29  Violent Outburst Of Sodomy 

30  Elvis...Is Still Dead 

31  Manipulation Of Mankind 

32  Fag Killer 

33  Three-Way Fuck 

34  Would You Please Die? 

35  Surgically Removed Vagina 

36  Runaway Sex-Slave 

37  Hermaphrodite Horror 

38  Forbidden Fruit 

39  Fornication 

40  Mental Midget 

41  Ignorance...Is Bliss 

42  She Never Says No 

43  Ejaculation Evacuation 

44  Don't Have A Nice Day 

45  Disposal Of Human Garbage 

46  Cum On Your Fucking Face 

47  Excrement Infection Of The Male Urethra 

48  A.C. (Anal Cunt) 

49  Intelligence Refused 

50  She Likes It Hard 

51  Strenuous Fuck 

52  F.B.M. 

53  Bathe In Holy Excrement 

55  The End 



Vinyl, CD, CDr


Not On Label, Moribund Records, Rotten Roll Rex, Anunnaki Records


Germany, United States of America


1993, 2002, 2017


Robert Deathrage,Mark Jones (6),Sami Youkhana,Manuel Chavez,Jason West,Les West,Acy Gein,Brian Dye,Jeff Fields,Dario Derna,Todd Stevenson,Jason Oliver,Max Ward,Dan (50),Tom Streckfus,Kindred McCune,Scruff Muff,Turd Cutter,Smegma Stench,Scott Avery,Thomas Perez (2),Aaron Ballenger,Shane Riley

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