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Mister Fancypants - Ad Frank

Mister Fancypants

Ad Frank  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock, Art Rock, New Wave

Barcode: 0747728869129




Before starting his solo career, singer/songwriter Ad Frank spent a decade in the Boston-based power pop band Miles Dethmuffen. Although bassist Linda Bean-Pardee was that band's primary singer, most of their songs were written or co-written by Frank, whose occasional, dryly ironic lead vocals complemented Bean-Pardee's nicely. Miles Dethmuffen recorded three well-received albums -- Nine-Volt Grape (1990), Clutter (1994), and Miles Dethmuffen (1995) (as well as 1992's outstanding Mouth of Hell 7") -- before changing their name to the less-goofy (and more forgettable) Permafrost in 1996. After Permafrost's sole album, 1997's In Harm's Way, sank almost immediately upon release, guitarist Kevin Coombs left the band. Frank, Bean-Pardee, and drummer Adam Goodwin continued as a trio for a brief period, but broke up amicably before any new recordings were made. Songs written by the trio but never recorded by them appear on Frank's first two solo albums.
Ad Frank's self-titled solo debut came out on the Boston indie Jackass Records in 1999, featuring a new recording of Miles Dethmuffen's 1995 song "Sleeping Bag" and a solo acoustic version of Romeo Void's "Flash Flood" alongside a strong group of new originals. Bean-Pardee, Cindy Goh (of Jumprope), and Bill Goffrier (of the Embarrassment and Big Dipper) all guest. The follow-up, Mister Fancypants, was released in April 2001.


1  Last Night Mark Eitzel Saved My Life  01:58

2  U-hauls & Ryders  03:20

3  Davy, I Didn't Mean To Push You Off  03:53

4  The Ticket Was Non-Refundable  03:19

5  Bay Of Fundy  02:52

6  Conjugal Visit  04:30

7  I Can And I Will  02:53

8  Barking Up The Wrong Girl  03:09

9  I Have Seen The Moment Of My Greatness Flicker  03:07

10  The Map To Your Good Graces  03:58

11  Leave Me In Tears  04:22







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