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The Sun And The Cold - ...And Oceans

The Sun And The Cold

...And Oceans  

Format: 1 CD, 1 CD

Genre: rock, Nu Metal, Melodic Death Metal

Barcode: 0727361490102

incl. 3 bonus tracks

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incl. 3 bonus tracks


Finnish black/industrial metal band based in the Pietarsaari/Vaasa region (Ostrobothnia).

The band was formed around 1995 as a continuation of Festerday. They recorded two demo tapes, "Wave" (1995), which was never officially released, and "Mare Liberum" (1997), which was released by Swedish Defender Productions. This led to a record deal with Season Of Mist which released their first three albums; "Dynamic Gallery of Thoughts" and "WAR Vol I (split with Bloodthorn)" (both 1998) and "The Symmetry Of 1, The Circle of O" (1999). After this they signed to Century Media and released "Allotropic/Metamorphic - Genesis of Dimorphism (A.M.G.O.D.)" (2001) and "Cypher" (2002), which is their last album so far.

The band hasn't really had any line-up changes, but the members have changed their names/pseudonyms few times.

In 2005 the band changed name back to Havoc Unit.

In 2013 they called themselves again Festerday.

In 2017 they reformed again as …And Oceans and in 2018 played live for the first time in 13 years.


1-1  The Sun And The Cold  05:34

1-2  We Are The Storm  06:01

1-3  Dark  04:23

1-4  Paralyzed  05:25

1-5  Take The Crown  03:32

1-6  Shadows  04:01

1-7  Legions Arise  03:45

1-8  Polaris  04:32

1-9  Truth Served Force Fed  04:34

1-10  Water Rising  03:34

1-11  Hope  04:19

1-12  We Are The Storm (Radio Edit)  03:47

1-13  Polaris (Born Free Remix)  04:56

1-14  Polaris (Don't Breathe Remix)  04:15

2-1  Into The Void  05:00

2-2  Icarus  04:06

2-3  Scars  05:54

2-4  The Sound Of Your Voice  05:15

2-5  The Last Day On Earth  04:39

2-6  Scars To Your Beautiful  04:13

2-7  My Own Summer (Shove It)  03:38

2-8  Creep  04:16

2-9  Would  03:58



Vinyl, CD


Nuclear Blast






Mika Aalto,Anzhaar,Sami Latva,Petri Seikkula,Jani Martikkala,Antti Simonen,Timo Kontio,Kauko Kuusisalo,Mathias Lillmåns,Janne Manninen (2),Teemu Saari (2),Kim Strömsholm,Kena Strömsholm

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