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The Spine That Binds - Tsunami Bomb

The Spine That Binds

Tsunami Bomb  

Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: punk, rock

Barcode: 0721616050110




Melodic punk rock band from Petaluma, California, formed in 1998 as a five-piece. They released three EPs before losing their keyboardist/backing vocalist, then signed to Kung Fu Records and released two studio albums with additional lineup changes before breaking up in 2005. The band was re-launched in 2015 by some of the original members and has since released one studio album on Alternative Tentacles.

Tsunami Bomb was formed in 1998 by bassist Dominic Davi and singer Kristin McRory (both ex-Headboard), with keyboardist/backing vocalist Oobliette Sparks and guitarist Tim Chaddick. Gabe Lindeman played drums with them but could not commit to joining the band permanently. McRory and Chaddick left later that year, and by early 1999 the lineup was rounded out with the addition of singer Emily Whitehurst (aka Agent M) and guitarist Brian Plink (both ex-Plinky), with drummer Robert Read. Their first release was the 'B-Movie Queens' split EP with Plinky (Plinky's only release). Read was replaced by Lindeman, and this lineup released two EPs, 'Mayhem On The High Seas' (1999) and 'The Invasion From Within!' (2001). Plink left and was replaced by Mike Griffen, while Sparks left and was not replaced.

Tsunami Bomb signed to Kung Fu Records and released their first album, 'The Ultimate Escape' (2002). Davi was asked to leave the band (he went on to Love Equals Death) and was replaced by Matt McKenzie. This lineup released 'The Definitive Act' (2004). Griffen left and was replaced by Jay Northington, but Tsunami Bomb broke up in 2005. Whitehurst and McKenzie formed The Action Design, while Lindeman and Northington formed Nothington.

In 2015, Davi, Sparks, Lindeman, and Plink re-formed Tsunami Bomb with new singer Kate Jacobi to support the release of 'Trust No One', a compilation of their early EPs. Plink left in 2016, and Chris LaForge filled in until permanent guitarist Andy Pohl joined. The new lineup began releasing new material, and signed to Alternative Tentacles for a new studio album, 'The Spine That Binds' (2019).


A1  Tidal 

A2  Naysayers 

A3  The Hathors 

A4  Sinkhole 

A5  Petaluma 

B1  Dead Men Can't Catcall 

B2  Phosphene 

B3  Last Call 

B4  Lullaby For The End Of The World 

B5  Wake The Dead 

B6  The Spine That Binds 



CD, Vinyl


Alternative Tentacles Records


United States of America




Brian Plink,Oobliette Sparks,Gabriel Lindeman,Dominic Davi,Matt McKenzie,Mike Griffen,Emily Whitehurst,Jay Northington,Tim Chaddik,Andy Pohl,Kate Jacobi,Robert "Bam Bam" Read

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