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Volume One - Primal Scream

Volume One

Primal Scream  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: heavy metal, rock, Thrash

Barcode: 0711576020629


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Primal Scream was a New York based thrash metal band that formed in April of 1986 till 1989. They spent 20 hours recording a three track demo called "The Outrage Continues" and after only five live shows they signed a deal with Mercenary Records (2) (the metal sublabel of Celluloid Records). They released one album in 1987 before splitting up. Their sound was very much rock influenced and not pure thrash metal.

The name was changed to Primal Scream NYC after they found out about the alternative rock band, Primal Scream, from Glasgow, Scotland had the same name.


1  State of the State 

2  War and Sin 

3  Last Breath 

4  Scream 'Til You Bleed 

5  Kill the Light 

6  Poisoned 

7  Ignorance is no Excuse 

8  Megaton 

9  Mr. McCreedy 

10  Shot on Night 

11  Poisoned (Bonustrack The Outrage Continues - Demo 1986) 

12  Last Breath (Bonustrack The Outrage Continues - Demo 1986) 

13  State of the State (Bonustrack The Outrage Continues - Demo 1986) 



CD, Cassette, Vinyl


Divebomb Records, Mercenary Records , Mercenary Records


Russian Federation, United States of America, USA & Canada


1987, 2020


Keith Alexander,Steve Alliano,Rob Graham,Rich Day

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