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Songs From The Road - Spin Doctors

Songs From The Road

Spin Doctors  

Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD

Genre: rock, Blues Rock

Barcode: 0710347121220


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Formed in 1988 in New York City, in 1990 the Spin Doctors were signed to Epic Records/Sony Music. The band's debut EP "Up For Grabs" was released January 1991.
The band's debut album "Pocket Full Of Kryptonite" sold poorly until MTV and radio began playing the monster hits "Two Princes" and "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong", which resulted in the album being sold in over ten million copies.
Their 1994 follow-up "Turn It Upside Down" was not as successful as "Pocket Full Of Kryptonite", though it did sell two million copies. Shortly after the release of Turn It Upside Down, guitarist Eric Schenkman left the band, citing musical and personal differences. He was replaced by Anthony Krizan.
The 1996 follow-up, "You've Got To Believe In Something sold poorly, which resulted in guitarist Krizan leaving the band. He was replaced by Eran Tabid. Also during this time, Ivan Neville joined the band on keyboards.
1998, the band signed to Uptown/Universal and released "Here Comes The Bride" in 1999. During the recording of "Here Comes The Bride", Mark White left the band. The bass tracks on the album were finished by original band member Aaron Comess.
The Spin Doctors remained stagnant until 2001, when the closing of the famous New York City club Wetlands brought the original four members back together. The band started playing one-offs and eventually recorded an album, "Nice Talking To Me", released September 2005.


CD-1  What Time Is It?  04:42

CD-2  Traction Blues  03:53

CD-3  Off My Line  05:21

CD-4  Sweetest Portion  04:43

CD-5  Little Miss Can't Be Wrong  04:38

CD-6  Some Other Man Instead  05:23

CD-7  If The River Was Whiskey  03:47

CD-8  Jimmy Olsen's Blues  06:05

CD-9  About A Train  07:06

CD-10  Two Princes  04:52

CD-11  Lady Kerosene  04:52

CD-12  Scotch & Water Blues  07:14

CD-13  What My Love?  02:30

CD-14  Yo Mamas A Pajama   05:10

DVD-1  What Time Is It? 

DVD-2  Traction Blues 

DVD-3  Off My Line 

DVD-4  Sweetest Portion 

DVD-5  Little Miss Can't Be Wrong 

DVD-6  Some Other Man Instead 

DVD-7  If The River Was Whiskey 

DVD-8  Jimmy Olsen's Blues 

DVD-9  About A Train 

DVD-10  Two Princes 

DVD-11  Lady Kerosene 

DVD-12  Scotch & Water Blues 

DVD-13  What My Love? 

DVD-14  Yo Mamas A Pajama  

DVD-15  Interview With Chris Barron And Aaron Comess 







Eran Tabib,Ivan Neville,Eric Schenkman,Aaron Comess,Chris Barron,Mark White (2),Anthony Krizan

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