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If Not Now Then When - The Motels

If Not Now Then When

The Motels  

Format: 2 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0708535790921




Band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 1975, originating in a band called the Warfield Foxes from Berkeley.

The Warfield Foxes: Dean Chamberlain, Martha Davis & Chuck Wada.
Original line-up as The Motels: Dean Chamberlain, Richard D'andrea, Martha Davis, Robert Neuman & Chuck Wada.
Second Line-Up as The Motels: Martha Davis, Brian Glascock, Michael Goodroe, Jeff Jourard & Marty Jourard.
Other members included: Tim McGovern & Scott Thurston.


1-1  If Not Now Then When 

1-2  King Of Crime 

1-3  St. Marks Place 

1-4  Ringtones 

1-5  Been To That Movie 

1-6  Beautiful Life 

1-7  Sally 

1-8  Let Me Fall 

1-9  The Cat/Out Of The Corner Of My Eye 

1-10  Speachless People 

1-11  Cowgirl 

1-12  Fun For You 

1-13  Lynk/How Good It Feels 

2-1  Outta Reach 

2-2  Precious Doe 

2-3  I Didn't Come 

2-4  Teeth 

2-5  She Said To Herself 

2-6  Good Girl Bad Luck 

2-7  You Can Cry If You Wanna 

2-8  The Rain 

2-9  Walk Away 

2-10  Miss Lonely Hearts 

2-11  Crying Eyes 

2-12  I Can Take It 

2-13  Watching The World 

2-14  Grizzly/Look Out Now 







Clint Walsh,Scott Thurston,Eric Gardner,Brian Glascock,Jeff Jourard,Michael Goodroe,Martha Davis,Bob Getter,Tim McGovern,Dean Chamberlain,Guy Perry,Marty Jourard,David Platshon,Richard D'Andrea,Nick Johns

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