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Aviator - Funker Vogt

Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD

Genre: electronic

Barcode: 0693723671109

limited edition

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limited edition


Funker Vogt (German: [ˈfʊŋkɐ foːkt]) is a German electronic music project with an aggressive style, formed by vocalist Jens Kästel and programmer Gerrit Thomas in 1995. Other members of the band are keyboardist/manager Bjorn Bottcher, live guitarist Frank Schweigert and lyricist Kai Schmidt.
Frontman Jens Kaestel leaves band 1st of December 2013 and the band announce their retirement. The final show scheduled for the 30th of November 2013 in Berlin.
Four years later in 2017 Funker Vogt reform with a new singer, Chris L. (Agonoize/The Sexorcist).

Former members:
Jens Kästel
Björn Böttcher
Frank Schweigert
Kai Schmidt
Thomas Kroll
Sacha Korn


CD-1  Welcome To Destruction  01:53

CD-2  Paralyzed  06:58

CD-3  Child Soldier  06:30

CD-4  City Of Darkness  05:28

CD-5  My Fortune  05:29

CD-6  Hostile Waters  06:10

CD-7  Thanatophobia  05:14

CD-8  Frozen In Time  04:52

CD-9  One  05:39

CD-10  Darwin's Nightmare  04:53

CD-11  Blind Rage  07:07

CD-12  Babylon  07:23

CD-13  Deathmachine  04:33

CD-14  Snow Was Falling  03:54

DVD-1  Hostile Waters  06:10

DVD-2  Child Soldier  06:30

DVD-3  Frozen In Time  04:52

DVD-4  City Of Darkness  05:28

DVD-5  Babylon  07:23



CD, File


Hellion Records, Metropolis, RepoRecords, Synthetic Symphony, Synthetic Symphony , Trans-Tornado Discos


Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States of America, Europe


2007, 2008, 2017


Gerrit Thomas,Chris L.,Jens Kästel,Kai Schmidt,Thomas Kroll,Björn Böttcher,Frank Schweigert,Sacha Korn,René Dornbusch

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