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Modern Guy - Death From Above 1979

Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0680889101113


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Duo from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were originally formed in 2001 as Death From Above, but had to change their name for legal reasons (New York's DFA production team) in 2004 to Death From Above 1979. Officially dropped the '1979' and changed back to Just Death From Above in June 2017. Changed name back to Death From Above 1979 in December 2020.

Jesse F. Keeler announced on 4 Aug. 2006 that the band no longer exists.
On 4 February 2011, Sebastien Grainger officially announced, on the band's website, that the band was reforming.

2001-2004 - Death From Above
2004-2006 - Death From Above 1979
2011-2017 - Death From Above 1979
2017-2020 - Death From Above
2020-present - Death From Above 1979


A1  Modern Guy 

A2  Modern Guy (grandson Remix) 







Sebastien Grainger,Jesse F. Keeler

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