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All Eternals Deck - The Mountain Goats

All Eternals Deck

The Mountain Goats  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock, Indie Rock

Barcode: 0673855040523


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The Mountain Goats are an American indie folk band formed in Claremont, California by singer-songwriter John Darnielle. For many years, the sole member of the Mountain Goats was Darnielle, despite the plural moniker. Although he remains the core member of the band, he has worked with a variety of collaborators over time.
Throughout the 1990s, the Mountain Goats were known for producing low-fidelity home recordings (most notably, on a cassette deck boombox) and releasing recordings in cassette or vinyl 7” formats. Since 2002, the Mountain Goats have adopted a more polished approach, recording studio albums with a full band, while still maintaining organically emotional lyrical motifs.
The band is currently based in Durham, North Carolina.


1991-1996: John Darnielle and Rachel Ware.
2002-2007: John Darnielle and Peter Hughes.
2007-2015: John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, Jon Wurster.
2015-present: John Darnielle, Peter Hughes, Jon Wuster, Matt Douglas.
Occasional members 1991-1995: Sarah Arslanian, Amy Piatt, and Rosanne Lindley.
Occasional members 1995-present: Franklin Bruno, Erik Friedlander, John Vanderslice.


1  Damn These Vampires 

2  Birth Of Serpents 

3  Estate Sale Sign 

4  Age Of Kings 

5  The Autopsy Garland 

6  Beautiful Gas Mask 

7  High Hawk Season 

8  Prowl Great Cain 

9  Sourdoire Valley Song 

10  Outer Scorpion Squadron 

11  For Charles Bronson 

12  Never Quite Free 

13  Liza Forever Minnelli 



Vinyl, CD, File


Remote Control, Merge Records, Tomlab, Moor Works, Not On Label (The Mountain Goats Self-released)


Japan, United States of America, Europe, Australia & New Zealand


2011, 2021


Jon Wurster,John Darnielle,Peter Hughes (2),Rosanne Lindley,Rachel Ware,Amy Piatt,Matt Douglas (2),Sarah Arslanian

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