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Cardinal VII - From Autumn To Ashes

Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0634479301728

=gregorian metal from the norwegian woods=

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=gregorian metal from the norwegian woods=


Melodic hardcore/rock band formed in Long Island, USA in 2000. They released 4 albums (3 of which entered the us-american charts) as well as a few ep's and a live-album. In 2008 the band was put on "indefinite hiatus".


1  New World Obscure  03:54

2  Embraced In Black  05:38

3  Among Mortals  03:48

4  Truth On Scaffold  06:56

5  Iben  01:00

6  Dualism  06:16

7  Sic Transit Gloria Mundi  13:32

8  Ravenous Unleashed  02:20

9  Behind Closed Eyes  04:52

10  Cardinal VII  08:27

11  Iben Pt. 2  01:58





CD-Maximum, DVS Records, The Art Records, Metal Hertz Rec.


Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, Russian Federation


2002, 2003


Mike Pilato,Benjamin Perri,Brian Deneeve,Francis Mark,Scott Gross,Jonathan Cox (2),Josh Newton,Jeff Gretz,Stevesalvio

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