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Liquid Skin - Gomez

Liquid Skin


Format: 2 CD

Genre: rock, Indie Rock

Barcode: 0602577534195

..20th anniversary edition

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..20th anniversary edition


British indie rock five-piece band founded in 1997 in Southport.
Ben Ottewell (vocals, guitar)
Tom Gray (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Paul Blackburn (bass, guitar)
Olly Peacock (drums)
Ian Ball (vocals, guitar, harmonica).


1-1  Hangover 

1-2  Revolutionary Kind 

1-3  Bring It On 

1-4  Blue Moon Rising 

1-5  Las Vegas Dealer 

1-6  We Haven't Turned Around 

1-7  Fill My Cup 

1-8  Rhythm & Blues Alibi 

1-9  Rosalita 

1-10  California 

1-11  Devil Will Ride 

1-12  Throwin’ Myself Away 

1-13  Nobody’s Girl 

1-14  Someday 

1-15  Brother Lead 

1-16  Summer 

2-1  High On Liquid Skin (Demo) 

2-2  We Haven’t Turned Around (No Orchestra) 

2-3  Rosalita (Kit Version) 

2-4  Las Vegas Dealer (Ben Vocal) 

2-5  Hangover 

2-6  Blue Moon Rising 

2-7  Rhythm & Blues Alibi 

2-8  Rosemary 

2-9  Do's & Don'ts 

2-10  Las Vegas Dealer 

2-11  We Haven’t Turned Around 

2-12  Devil Will Ride 

2-13  Bring It On 

2-14  Gomez In A Bucket (A Seaside Town Made Of Ice Cream, Slowly Melting) 



CD, Vinyl, Minidisc, Cassette, CDr


Virgin EMI Records, Virgin, Virgin Japan, Virgin , Virgin Music Canada, Hut Recordings, UMC, Virgin Records America, Inc., Delabel


Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Indonesia, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, United States of America, Europe


1999, 2019


Ian Ball,Olly Peacock,Ben Ottewell,Paul Blackburn,Tom Gray (2)

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