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Vinyl Box Set Volume 1 (1968-1976) - Steve Miller Band

Vinyl Box Set Volume 1 (1968-1976)

Steve Miller Band  

Format: 1 Box Set, 9 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Blues Rock

Barcode: 0602567112112

. VOL.1 1968-1976



. VOL.1 1968-1976


American rock group, formed in 1967 by Steve Miller.


A1  Children Of The Future  02:58

A2  Pushed Me To It  00:36

A3  You've Got The Power  00:55

A4  In My First Mind  07:31

A5  The Beauty Of Time Is That It's Snowing (Psychedelic B.B.)  05:23

B1  Baby's Callin' Me Home  03:24

B2  Steppin' Stone  03:02

B3  Roll With It  02:29

B4  Junior Saw It Happen  02:29

B5  Fanny Mae  03:11

B6  Key To The Highway  06:18

C1  Song For Our Ancestors  05:57

C2  Dear Mary  03:35

C3  My Friend  03:30

C4  Living In The U.S.A.  04:03

D1  Quicksilver Girl  02:40

D2  Lucky Man  03:08

D3  Gangster Of Love  01:24

D4  You're So Fine  02:51

D5  Overdrive  03:54

D6  Dime-A-Dance Romance  03:26

E1  Brave New World  03:27

E2  Celebration Song  02:33

E3  Can't You Hear Your Daddy's Heartbeat  02:30

E4  Got Love 'Cause You Need It  02:28

E5  Kow Kow  04:28

F1  Seasons  03:50

F2  Space Cowboy  04:55

F3  LT's Midnight Dream  02:33

F4  My Dark Hour  03:07

G1  Little Girl  03:20

G2  Just A Passin' Fancy In A Midnite Dream  03:38

G3  Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around  02:27

G4  Baby's House  08:55

H1  Motherless Children  06:02

H2  The Last Wombat In Mecca  02:31

H3  Feel So Glad  05:22

H4  Your Saving Grace  04:55

I1  Good Morning  02:45

I2  I Love You  02:49

I3  Going To The Country  03:43

I4  Hot Chili  02:54

I5  Tokin's  04:20

J1  Going To Mexico  02:23

J2  Steve Miller's Midnight Tango  02:38

J3  Industrial Military Complex Hex  03:54

J4  Jackson-Kent Blues  07:15

J5  Never Kill Another Man  02:48

K1  The Gangster Is Back  02:28

K2  Blues With Out Blame  05:41

K3  Love Shock  11:43

L1  Let Me Serve You  02:26

L2  Rock Love  02:26

L3  Harbor Lights  04:06

L4  Deliverance  09:19

M1  Welcome  01:14

M2  Enter Maurice  03:00

M3  High On You Mama  03:35

M4  Heal Your Heart   03:20

M5  The Sun Is Going Down  01:35

M6  Somebody Somewhere Help Me  01:41

N1  Love's Riddle  03:23

N2  Fandango  03:58

N3  Nothing Lasts  04:03

N4  Journey From Eden  03:44

O1  Sugar Babe  04:32

O2  Mary Lou  02:24

O3  Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma Ma  05:40

O4  Your Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash  03:14

P1  The Joker  04:26

P2  Lovin' Cup  02:10

P3  Come On In My Kitchen  03:58

P4  Evil  04:35

P5  Something To Believe In  04:40

Q1  Space Intro  01:15

Q2  Fly Like An Eagle  04:42

Q3  Wild Mountain Honey  04:50

Q4  Serenade  03:10

Q5  Dance, Dance, Dance  03:16

Q6  Mercury Blues  03:42

R1  Take The Money And Run  02:48

R2  Rock 'N Me  03:05

R3  You Send Me  02:40

R4  Blue Odyssey  00:50

R5  Sweet Maree  04:16

R6  The Window  04:19







Steve Miller,Tim Davis,Boz Scaggs,Ben Sidran,Norton Buffalo,Kenny Lee Lewis,Gary Mallaber,Leo Sidran,Billy Peterson,Lonnie Turner,Gerald Johnson,Curley Cooke,Byron Allred,Dick Thompson,John King (3),David Denny,Jim Peterman,John Massaro,Bobby Winkelman,Joseph Wooten

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