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The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (A&B Sides And More) - Golden Earring

The Golden Years Of Dutch Pop Music (A&B Sides And More)

Golden Earring  

Format: 2 CD

Genre: pop, rock, Psychedelic Rock, Beat, Garage Rock

Barcode: 0602547213860

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Long-standing, Dutch rock band, founded in 1961 as 'The Tornados'. They changed their name to 'The Golden Earrings' in 1963, then shortened it to 'Golden Earring' in 1969. Known amongst their fans as just 'The Earring'. Their first single, 'Please Go', was released in September 1965.
On 5 February 2021, they announced to the Dutch press their active career was over, due to George Kooymans' illness.

Current Members
Barry Hay: vocals, guitar, flute
George Kooymans: guitars, vocals
Cesar Zuiderwijk: drums, percussion
Rinus Gerritsen: bass, synth, keyboards

Previous Members
Frans Krassenburg: lead vocals
Hans van Herwerden: guitar
Fred van der Hilst: drums
Peter de Ronde: guitar
Jaap Eggermont: drums
Sieb Warner: drums
Eelco Gelling: guitar
Robert-Jan Stips: keyboards


1-1  Please Go 

1-2  Chunk Of Steel 

1-3  That Day 

1-4  The Words I Need 

1-5  Lonely Everyday 

1-6  If You Leave Me 

1-7  Waiting For You 

1-8  Daddy Buy Me A Girl 

1-9  What You Gonna Tell 

1-10  Don't Run Too Far 

1-11  Wings 

1-12  Things Go Better 

1-13  Rum And Coca-Cola 

1-14  In My House 

1-15  Smoking Cigarettes 

1-16  Sound Of The Screaming Day 

1-17  She Won't Come To Me 

1-18  Together We Live, Together We Love 

1-19  I Wonder Preview Together We Live And Love 

1-20  I've Just Lost Somebody 

1-21  The Truth About Arthur 

1-22  Dong-Dong-Di-Ki-Di-Gi-Dong 

1-23  Wake Up - Breakfast! 

2-1  Just A Little Bit Of Piece In My Heart 

2-2  Remember My Friend 

2-3  Where Will I Be 

2-4  It's Alright But I Admit It Could Be Better 

2-5  Holy Witness 

2-6  No Need To Worry 

2-7  Lionel The Miser 

2-8  Gipsy Rhapsody 

2-9  Crystal Heaven 

2-10  Magnificient Magistral 

2-11  Must I Cry? 

2-12  Songs On A Devil's Servant 

2-13  Murdock 9-6182 

2-14  I'm A Running 

2-15  God Bless The Day 

2-16  Goodbye Mama 

2-17  Angelina 

2-18  Backbiting Baby 

2-19  The Grand Piano 







Jaap Eggermont,George Kooymans,Barry Hay,Robert Jan Stips,Rinus Gerritsen,Cesar Zuiderwijk,Eelco Gelling,Sieb Warner,Frans Krassenburg,Peter de Ronde,Fred van der Hilst

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