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Love In Venice - André Rieu

Love In Venice

André Rieu  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: classical, Contemporary, Neo-Classical

Barcode: 0602537946327

=2014 album with "italian melodies" the strauss way=

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=2014 album with "italian melodies" the strauss way=


Dutch violin player and conductor born on October 1, 1949 in Maastricht, Netherlands. Conductor and violinist of the Johann Strauss Orchestra.

Son of André Rieu (2).


1  Ole Sole Mio 

2  Volare 

3  Les Gondoles À Venise 

4  Bella Tarantella 

5  Santa Lucia, Arv_14 

6  Azzurro 

7  Love In Venice 

8  Mama 

9  La Gondola 

10  La Danza 

11  Maria, Mari! 

12  Tiritomba 

13  Lagunenwalzer, Arv_14 

14  That's Amore 

15  Vieni Sul Mar, ARV_14 

16  Serenata 

17  Barcarole, ARV_14 

18  Buona Notte Bambino 





Universal Music, Polydor, Not On Label (André Rieu)


Australia, Germany, Netherlands, United States of America, Europe


2014, 2020


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