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Nevermind - Nirvana



Format: 1 CD

Genre: rock

Barcode: 0602527779089

edited in September 1991, nevermind, the second album of nirvana, and its debut by a multinational, elevu kurt cobain, krist novoselic

and dave grohl of aberdeen cult band, washington, acclaimed by criticism, the spokesmen of a whole generation.

unconsciously, while causing a cultural change, the...

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edited in September 1991, nevermind, the second album of nirvana, and its debut by a multinational, elevu kurt cobain, krist novoselic

and dave grohl of aberdeen cult band, washington, acclaimed by criticism, the spokesmen of a whole generation.

unconsciously, while causing a cultural change, the nirvana created a musical milestone.

by the end of that year, after reaching the top of virtually all world tables, eventually selling over 30 million copies

around the world, nevermind would be much more than the most successful and determining album of his time ? u of all time. being the record that brought back to the cimeiros places of the topes the true integrity and passion of rock?n?roll, nevermind had to take over as a singular inspiration, over the past two decades, both for fans and musicians. without any doubt, go

continue to be it for generations to come.

when the 20th anniversary of nevermind is marked, the universal presents a re-editing giving it the cunency of uncontornable classic that deserves. with distinct settings ranging from a super deluxe edition, consisting of 4 cds and 1 dvd, to a remastering of the original album, in cd and common digital format ?, the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of nevermind take true advantage of the occasion, revealing

literally dozens of unpublished recordings, dark b sides, alternative mixes, radio sessions, studio rarities and live recordings,

including, in full, the halloween concert of 1991, in the paramount theatre, in seattle.


Rock band from Aberdeen, Washington, USA.

Nirvana formed in 1987. Considered by many to be the leading lights of the Seattle grunge scene of the late 1980s/early 1990s, and perhaps the most influential rock band of Generations X & Y, Nirvana was a powerful trio of musicians who brought a unique aesthetic to a growing-stale rock scene. They had already made some waves on Sub Pop with their debut, "Bleach". But it wasn't until their major-label debut for DGC/Geffen Records, 1991's "Nevermind" - perhaps, more specifically, the first 30 seconds of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - that they broke into the mainstream of America - not really because they wanted to. Lead singer frontman Kurt Cobain's death (suicide) in April 1994 brought an untimely end to the band. Drummer Dave Grohl went on to form the Foo Fighters. In the fall of 2004, "With The Lights Out" (a 3-CD/DVD set of mostly unreleased material) confirmed that interest in the band is still very high. Most young rock stars today will likely cite Nirvana as a major influence on them.


1  Smells Like Teen Spirit  05:01

2  In Bloom  04:14

3  Come As You Are  03:39

4  Breed  03:03

5  Lithium  04:17

6  Polly  02:57

7  Territorial Pissings  02:23

8  Drain You  03:43

9  Lounge Act  02:36

10  Stay Away  03:32

11  On A Plain  03:16

12  Something In The Way  03:51



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Dave Grohl,Chad Channing,Dan Peters,Dale Crover,Kurt Cobain,Krist Novoselic,Jason Everman,Aaron Burckhard,Georg Ruthenberg,Dave Foster (14)

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