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Past, Present & Future - Rob Zombie

Past, Present & Future

Rob Zombie  

Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD

Genre: electronic, heavy metal, rock, Industrial

Barcode: 0602498610817




American metal singer and composer. Also film director (The Devil's Reject's, The House Of 1000 Corpses, Halloween I & II '2000's versions').
Born January 12, 1965. Founder of the heavy metal band White Zombie.


CD-1  Thunder Kiss '65  03:51

CD-2  Black Sunshine  04:49

CD-3  Feed The Gods  04:30

CD-4  More Human Than Human  04:28

CD-5  Super Charger Heaven  03:37

CD-6  I'm Your Boogie Man  04:27

CD-7  Hands Of Death (Burn Baby Burn)  04:13

CD-8  The Great American Nightmare  03:54

CD-9  Dragula  03:42

CD-10  Living Dead Girl  03:21

CD-11  Superbeast  03:40

CD-12  Feel So Numb  03:52

CD-13  Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)  03:06

CD-14  Demon Speeding  03:44

CD-15  Brickhouse 2003  03:48

CD-16  Pussy Liquor  04:57

CD-17  Blitzkrieg Bop  02:43

CD-18  Two-Lane Blacktop  03:07

CD-19  Girl On Fire  03:29

DVD-1  Thunder Kiss '65  03:59

DVD-2  More Human Than Human  04:16

DVD-3  Dragula  03:47

DVD-4  Living Dead Girl  03:22

DVD-5  Superbeast  04:17

DVD-6  Never Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)  03:09

DVD-7  Feel So Numb  03:38

DVD-8  Demonoid Phenomenon  04:04

DVD-9  The Return Of The Phantom Stranger  04:28

DVD-10  Spookshow Baby  03:37



CD, CDr, Cassette, DVD


Geffen Records, Geffen Records , Universal, Moon Records , Warner Music , Not On label (Rob Zombie), Pulldance


Canada, China, Japan, Russian Federation, Ukraine, United States of America, Europe, Australasia, UK & US


2003, 2004


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