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The Albums 1974-1977 - The Rubettes

The Albums 1974-1977

The Rubettes  

Format: 1 Box Set, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD, 1 CD

Genre: pop, rock, Rock & Roll, Country Rock, Glam

Barcode: 0600753659618




In 1973, Wayne Bickerton, then head of A&R at Polydor Records, wrote four songs in an "American 50's type" sound with co-writer Tony Waddington. A group of session musicians and singers were gathered in a London studio and recorded a demo of these tracks. Three of the session musicians were then asked to form the beginnings of a band, and with that John Richardson, Alan Williams and Pete Arnesen were the start of The Rubettes. John got some musician friends to round out the group, with Mick Clarke, Bill Hurd and Tony Thorpe making the original group of six.

Pete Arnesen, the only American of the group, was the first to part ways. Later, Bill Hurd chose to pursue a solo career, cutting the band to four. Tony Thorp left the band in 1979, and the final three continued to make music together.

In 1982, the band re-formed to tour on the wave of nostalgia. This time, Alan Williams and Mick Clarke were joined by Bill Hurd and Alex Bines, once Hurd's Milkman, completed the revised line up on drums. Mick Clarke was replaced by Steve Kinch 1987-1991 and Trevor Holliday 1991-1993. c.1992: the line up was Alex Bines, Alan Williams, Trevor Holliday and Bill Hurd.

In 1999, the re-formed line up split again, forming two "competing" Rubettes groups, one lead by Bill Hurd and the other by Alan Williams. This resulted in two separate entities, who took distinct names following a court order, making The Rubettes featuring Bill Hurd and The Rubettes feat. Alan Williams. William's group consists of Alan Williams, John Richardson, Mick Clarke, and Mark Haley.

Of the Original Rubettes line-up only John Richardson, Alan Williams and Pete Arnesen participated in the recording of "Sugar Baby Love" with the falsetto lead vocal performed by Paul Da Vinci (legal name: Paul Prewer). With contractual obligations preventing Prewer from joining the band when it was formed, he never toured with the original band. He later featured with Hurd, Bines and the rest in this Rubettes formation from 2000 until 2006, when he left for personal reasons and is replaced by George Bird.

The band name was born from the interest in jewel-based names like "Diamonds," and one of Thorpe's girlfriends owned a purplish-red colored Mini which she affectionately called "Ruby."


1-1  Way Back In The Fifties 

1-2  Rock Is Dead 

1-3  Tonight 

1-4  The Way Of Love 

1-5  Rumours 

1-6  Your Love 

1-7  For Ever 

1-8  Sugar Baby Love 

1-9  Teenage Dream 

1-10  Rock And Roll Survival 

1-11  When You're Sixteen 

1-12  Saturday Night 

1-13  You Could Have Told Me 

1-14  Silent Movie Queen 

2-1  I Can Do It 

2-2  The Sha - Na - Na - Na Song 

2-3  Something's Coming Over Me 

2-4  The Family Affair 

2-5  It's Just Make Believe 

2-6  Dance To The Rock 'N' Roll 

2-7  Juke Box Jive 

2-8  Don't Do It Baby 

2-9  I'll Always Love You 

2-10  At The High School Hop Tonight 

2-11  Wo Goddam Blues 

2-12  Beggar Man 

2-13  When You're Falling In Love 

2-14  If You've Got The Time 

3-1  Judy Run Run 

3-2  Little Darling 

3-3  My Buddy Holly Days 

3-4  Put A Back Beat To That Music 

3-5  It's Better That Way 

3-6  Play The Game 

3-7  Foe - Dee - Oh - Dee 

3-8  I'm Just Dreaming 

3-9  Out In The Cold 

3-10  Miss Goodie Two Shoes 

3-11  When You're Around 

3-12  Dark Side Of The World 

3-13  With You 

3-14  I Still Love You 

3-15  Love Bonds 

4-1  Sign Of The Times 

4-2  Dancing In The Rain 

4-3  You're The Only Girl On My Island 

4-4  The Way You Live 

4-5  Not Now My Dear 

4-6  You're The Reason Why 

4-7  I Think I'm In Love 

4-8  I Really Got To Know 

4-9  Julia 

4-10  Highway Man's Lament 

4-11  Take Good Care Of My Baby 

4-12  The Price Of Living 

5-1  Summertime Rock 'N' Roll 

5-2  Baby I Know 

5-3  I'm In Love With You 

5-4  Ooh La La 

5-5  Ladies Of Laredo 

5-6  Rock 'N' Roll Lady 

5-7  Allez Oop 

5-8  I Wanna Be Loved 

5-9  Under One Roof 

5-10  Rock 'N' Roll Queen 

5-11  Ladies Of Laredo(Radio Version) 

5-12  Married 

5-13  Who Makes The World Go Round 







Alan Williams,Mick Clarke,Alex Bines,John Richardson,Steve Kinch,Bill Hurd,Tony Thorpe (2),Peter Arnesen

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