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The Gallery - Dark Tranquillity

Format: 1 Vinyl

Genre: rock, Death Metal

Barcode: 0194398376318


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A metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden, founded in December 1989 under the name Septic Broiler. Changed name to Dark Tranquillity in 1991. The band is often considered to be one of the progenitors of the so-called Gothenburg metal or melodic death metal style together with At The Gates and In Flames.

Current line-up:
Anders Jivarp - Drums (1991– )
Mikael Stanne - Guitar (1991–1993), vocals (1993– )
Martin Brändström - Keyboards, electronics (1999– )
Anders Iwers - Bass (2016– )
Christopher Amott - Guitar (2020– )
Johan Reinholdz - Guitar (2020– )


A1  Punish My Heaven  04:46

A2  Silence, And The Firmament Withdrew  02:37

A3  Edenspring  04:30

A4  The Dividing Line  05:02

A5  The Gallery  04:08

A6  The One Brooding Warning  04:14

B1  Midway Through Infinity  03:30

B2  Lethe  04:43

B3  The Emptiness From Which I Fed  05:44

B4  Mine Is The Grandeur...  02:27

B5  ...Of Melancholy Burning  06:14



Vinyl, CD, Cassette


Century Media, Спюрк, Moon Records , Toy's Factory, Icarus Music, Фоно, Rock Gallery, Angel's Of Hell Records, Osmose Productions, Morbid Noizz Productions, Osmose Productions , Музыкальная Коллекция, Yücel Müzik, Dream On Records, Rock Machine Records , Nebula Production


Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Republic of, Malaysia, Poland, Russian Federation, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America, Europe


1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012, 2019, 2021


Fredrik Johansson,Anders Fridén,Anders Jivarp,Niklas Sundin,Anders Iwers,Mikael Stanne,Michael Nicklasson,Martin Henriksson,Christopher Amott,Daniel Antonsson,Martin Brändström,Johan Reinholdz

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