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The Bitter Truth - Evanescence

The Bitter Truth


Format: 2 CD, 1 Cassette, 1 Box Set

Genre: rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge

Barcode: 0194397891621


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Alternative Rock / Modern Rock band founded in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1995 by singer/pianist Amy Lee and guitarist Ben Moody.


CD1-1  Artifact / The Turn  02:26

CD1-2  Broken Pieces Shine  03:50

CD1-3  The Game Is Over  04:22

CD1-4  Yeah Right  03:29

CD1-5  Feeding The Dark  04:14

CD1-6  Wasted On You  04:24

CD1-7  Better Without You  04:05

CD1-8  Use My Voice  04:01

CD1-9  Take Cover  03:14

CD1-10  Far From Heaven  04:57

CD1-11  Part Of Me  03:59

CD1-12  Blind Belief  04:13

CD2-1  Wasted On You (Live Studio Session)  04:24

CD2-2  The Game Is Over (Live Studio Session)  04:23

CD2-3  The Only One (Live Studio Session)  04:32

CD2-4  Sick (Live Studio Session)  03:30

CD2-5  Going Under (Live Studio Session)  03:39

CD2-6  Use My Voice (Live Studio Session)  04:01

CD2-7  Bring Me To Life (Live Studio Session)  03:30

CD2-8  Lost In Paradise (Live Studio Session)  05:05

CD2-9  Glory Box (Live Studio Session)  03:56

CD2-10  Across The Universe  03:42

A1  Wolves 

A2  GIO 

A3  UMV 

A4  Will Can't Catch 

A5  Without A Sound 

A6  Take Cover 

A7  Woy Bells 

A8  Writing 

A9  Smurfs On Fire 

A10  Blind Belief 

A11  Music Box 

A12  Red Stickers 

A13  Avocado Cream 

A14  Yeah Right 

A15  Back To The Future 

A16  BPS #7.1 

A17  On My Own 

A18  Teleportation 

A19  Farther 

B1  The Game Is Over  04:33

B2  Yeah Right  03:32

B3  Use My Voice  03:53

B4  Better Without You  03:53

B5  Wasted On You  04:14

B6  Far From Heaven  04:44

B7  Blind Belief  04:02



CD, File, Vinyl


Sony Music, Virgin, Universal Music Group, BMG, Columbia, BMG Rights Management


Australia, Brazil, Japan, United States of America, Europe, USA & Canada, USA & Europe




Amy Lee,Ben Moody,David Hodges,Rocky Gray,Troy McLawhorn,John LeCompt,Terry Balsamo,Will Boyd,William Martin Hunt,Tim McCord,Jen Majura

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