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Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs - Napalm Death

Coded Smears And More Uncommon Slurs

Napalm Death  

Format: 2 CD

Genre: rock, Grindcore

Barcode: 0190758294520

. uncommon slurs

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. uncommon slurs


Formed in Birmingham, UK in 1982, by Nik Bullen. Napalm Death were originally one of the bands that defined the UK hardcore thrash/punk sound of the mid-late 1980s, along with bands such as Extreme Noise Terror, Doom and Sore Throat. The band has gone through countless line-ups and many former members have gone on to become significant figures in a variety of musical scenes.

Although their debut album "Scum" featured members Justin Broadrick (who was also a member of Fall of Because, the band that later became Godflesh, at the time) and Nik Bullen (later part of Scorn), the first stable line up consisted of Lee Dorrian (vocals), Bill Steer (guitar), Mick Harris (drums) and Shane Embury (bass).

By late 1989, Lee Dorrian, whose vocals epitomised the early Napalm Death sound, had left to form another band (doom metal band Cathedral) and focus on his label Rise Above. Bill Steer also left to concentrate on his other band, Carcass. Dorrian was replaced by former death metal band Benediction's vocalist Barney Greenway, and an American guitarist, Jesse Pintado, was recruited from fellow Earache label-mates Terrorizer. A short time later Mitch Harris from Las Vegas' grindcore outfit Righteous Pigs joined as second guitarist.

Mick Harris left the band in 1991 and has since been involved in a plethora of solo and joint projects/collaborations as Scorn, Lull, Quoit etc. He was replaced by Danny Herrera, an old friend of Jesse's from Los Angeles. This line-up lasted until 2004, when Jesse Pintado left the band. Currently the band consists of Barney Greenway, Mitch Harris, Shane Embury and Danny Herrera.


CD1-01  Standardization  02:47

CD1-02  Oh So Pseudo  02:36

CD1-03  It Failed To Explode  03:38

CD1-04  Losers  04:22

CD1-05  Call That An Option?  03:03

CD1-06  Caste As Waste  03:06

CD1-07  We Hunt In Packs  03:49

CD1-08  Oxygen Of Duplicity  03:30

CD1-09  Paracide (GEPOPEL)  01:39

CD1-10  Critical Gluttonous Mass  02:27

CD1-11  Aim Without An Aim  03:05

CD1-12  An Extract (Strip It Clean)  03:12

CD1-13  Phonetics For The Stupefied  03:30

CD1-14  Suppressed Hunger  03:10

CD1-15  To Go Off And Things (CARDIACS)  02:29

CD2-01  Clouds of Cancer / Victims Of Ignorance (G-ANX)  02:06

CD2-02  What Is Past Is Prologue  02:57

CD2-03  Like Piss To A Sting  01:31

CD2-04  Where The Barren Is Fertile  02:22

CD2-05  Crash The Pose (GAUZE)  01:33

CD2-06  Earthwire  02:55

CD2-07  Will By Mouth  01:25

CD2-08  Everything In Mono  02:49

CD2-09  Omnipresent Knife In Your Back  05:15

CD2-10  Lifeline (SACRILEGE)  03:18

CD2-11  Youth Offender  02:07

CD2-12  No Impediment To Triumph (Bhopal)  03:02

CD2-13  Legacy Was Yesterday  02:15

CD2-14  Outconditioned (DESPAIR)  02:25

CD2-15  Atheist Runt  06:07

CD2-16  Weltschmerz (Extended Apocalyptic Version)  04:05



Vinyl, CD


Century Media, Century Media , Mutilation Productions, Trooper Entertainment, Psychophony Records


Brazil, Colombia, Japan, Russian Federation, United States of America, Europe




Mick Harris,Justin K Broadrick,Lee Dorrian,Shane Embury,Danny Herrera,Jesse Pintado,Mitch Harris,Barney Greenway,Bill Steer,Jim Whitely,Phil Vane,Frank Healy,Nicholas Bullen,Miles Ratledge,Peter Shaw,Robb O,Day F

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