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The Singles - Feeder

The Singles


Format: 1 CD, 1 DVD

Genre: rock, Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Hard Rock

Barcode: 0094636079325


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British alternative rock band founded in Newport, Wales in 1992 as "Real".


CD1  Come Back Around  03:12

CD2  Buck Rogers  03:12

CD3  Shatter  02:57

CD4  Just The Way I'm Feeling  04:18

CD5  Lost & Found  02:56

CD6  Just A Day  03:45

CD7  High  04:32

CD8  Comfort In Sound  03:37

CD9  Feeling A Moment  04:09

CD10  Burn The Bridges  03:37

CD11  Tumble & Fall  04:20

CD12  Forget About Tomorrow  03:51

CD13  Tender  04:16

CD14  Pushing The Senses  03:27

CD15  Save Us  03:50

CD16  Seven Days In The Sun  03:39

CD17  Insomnia  02:52

CD18  Turn  04:30

CD19  Yesterday Went Too Soon  04:17

CD20  Suffocate  04:42

DVD1  Lost & Found  02:58

DVD2  Shatter  03:01

DVD3  Tender  04:21

DVD4  Pushing The Senses  03:26

DVD5  Feeling A Moment  04:13

DVD6  Tumble And Fall  04:20

DVD7  Comfort In Sound  03:39

DVD8  Find The Colour  03:44

DVD9  Forget About Tomorrow  03:51

DVD10  Just The Way I'm Feeling  04:04

DVD11  Come Back Around  03:15

DVD12  Piece By Piece  04:19

DVD13  Just A Day  04:09

DVD14  Turn  04:08

DVD15  Seven Days In The Sun  03:41

DVD16  Buck Rogers  03:12

DVD17  Paper Faces  04:03

DVD18  Yesterday Went Too Soon  04:20

DVD19  Insomnia  03:00

DVD20  Day In Day Out  03:30

DVD21  Suffocate  04:02

DVD22  High  04:28

DVD23  Crash  03:49

DVD24  Cement  03:19

DVD25  Tangerine  03:55

DVD26  Stereo World  03:29



CD, Vinyl


Not On Label, Echo, Liberation Music, The Echo Label Ltd.


Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Russian Federation, South Africa, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Europe, UK & Europe, Australia & New Zealand


2006, 2016


Grant Nicholas,Karl Brazil,Mark Richardson (5),Geoff Holroyde,Taka Hirose,Jon Lee (2)

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