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Der „Ring“ Ohne Worte · The “Ring” Without Words - Richard Wagner

Der „Ring“ Ohne Worte · The “Ring” Without Words

Richard Wagner  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: classical

Barcode: 0089408015427

W/LORIN maazel, berliner philharmoniker

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W/LORIN maazel, berliner philharmoniker


German composer, theatre director, polemicist, and conductor of the romantic period, born in Leipzig, Germany, May 22 1813 - died in Venice, Italy, February 13 1883. He is primarily known for his operas. Father of Siegfried Wagner, grandfather of Wieland Wagner, Friedelind Wagner and Wolfgang Wagner (6).


1  Thus, We Begin In The “Greenish Twilight” Of The Rhine,  05:24

2  Float Up To The Home Of The Gods, (Entrance Of The Gods Into Valhalla)  02:05

3  Fall Amongst Hammering Dwarfs “Smithying” Away,  02:23

4  Ride Donner’s Thunderbolt, Crawl With The Thirst-crazed Siegmund To The Haven…  01:40

5  In The Sound Code, We “See” His Loving Gaze,  03:20

6  Their Flight,  00:43

7  Wotan’s Rage,  02:32

8  The Cavalcade Of Brünnhilde’s Sisters, (Ride Of The Valkyries)  03:10

9  Wotan’s Farewell To His Favorite Daughter. (Wotan’s Farewell And Magic Fire Music)  05:32

10  Mime’s Fright,  01:22

11  Siegfried’s Forging Of The Magic Sword  00:51

12  His Wanderings Through The Forest, (Forest Murmurs)  02:04

13  His Slaying Of The Dragon,  01:00

14  The Dragon’s Lament.  00:58

15  Day Breaking ’Round Siegfried’s And Brünnhilde’s Passion,  07:06

16  Siegfried’s Rhine Journey, (Dawn And Siegfried’s Rhine Journey)  05:06

17  Hagen’s Call To His Clan,  01:45

18  Siegfried And The Rhinemaidens,  04:01

19  His Death And The Funeral Music, (Siegfried’s Death And Funeral Music)  09:08

20  Immolation. (Immolation Scene)  09:35







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