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Original Album Series - Sister Sledge

Original Album Series

Sister Sledge  

Format: 5 CD

Genre: Funk / Soul

Barcode: 0081227975937

Circle of Love, Together, We Are Family,
Love Somebody Today, All American Girls

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Circle of Love, Together, We Are Family,
Love Somebody Today, All American Girls


Sister Sledge is an American musical group formed in 1971, and originally consisted of sisters Debbie, Joni, Kathy, and Kim.

Known for their work with Chic in the late-1970s, Sister Sledge reached the height of their popularity during the disco era. The group was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1971, when their ages ranged from 12 to 16. They recorded their first single, "Time Will Tell," for the Philly-based 'Money Back' label. For the first few years, the group called itself Sisters Sledge.

In 1972, Sister Sledge signed with ATCO Records and recorded its second single, "Weatherman," which was followed by The Jackson 5-like "Mama Never Told Me" in 1973. It wasn't until 1979, when Chic leaders Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards produced "We Are Family", that Sister Sledge really exploded commercially. "He's the Greatest Dancer" and the album's eponymous single both reached number one on the R&B charts, in the US.

In 1989, Kathy left the group to pursue a solo career. Joni passed away on 10th March 2017.


1-1  Circle Of Love (Caught In The Middle) 

1-2  Cross My Heart 

1-3  Protect Our Love 

1-4  Give In The Love 

1-5  Love Don't You Go Through No Changes On Me 

1-6  Don't You Miss Him Now 

1-7  Pain Reliever 

1-8  You're Much Better Off Loving Me 

1-9  Fireman 

2-1  Blockbuster Boy 

2-2  Do The Funky Do 

2-3  I Was Made To Love Her (Him) 

2-4  Hold On To This Feeling 

2-5  As 

2-6  Sneaking Sally Through The Alley 

2-7  Funky Family 

2-8  Baby It's The Rain 

2-9  Can't Mess Around With Love 

2-10  My Favorite Song 

2-11  Hands Full Of Nothing 

2-12  Moondancer 

3-1  He's The Greatest Dancer 

3-2  Lost In Music 

3-3  Somebody Loves Me 

3-4  Thinking Of You 

3-5  We Are Family 

3-6  Easier To Love 

3-7  You're A Friend To Me 

3-8  One More Time 

4-1  Got To Love Somebody 

4-2  You Fooled Around 

4-3  I'm A Good Girl 

4-4  Easy Street 

4-5  Reach Your Peak 

4-6  Pretty Baby 

4-7  How To Love 

4-8  Let's Go On Vacation 

5-1  All American Girls 

5-2  He's Just A Runaway 

5-3  If You Really Want Me 

5-4  Next Time You'll Now 

5-5  Happy Feeling 

5-6  Ooh, You Caught My Heart 

5-7  Make A Move 

5-8  Don't You Let Me Lose It 

5-9  Music Makes Me Feel Good 

5-10  I Don't Want To Say Goodbye 







Kathy Sledge,Joni Sledge,Debbie Sledge,Kim Sledge,Tanya Tiet

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