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Original Album Series - Elvis Costello

Original Album Series

Elvis Costello  

Format: 5 CD, 1 Box Set

Genre: pop, rock

Barcode: 0081227973438

albums in box:
mighty like a rose
brutal youth
kojak variety
all this useless beaty

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albums in box:
mighty like a rose
brutal youth
kojak variety
all this useless beaty


Elvis Costello (born 25 August, 1954, London, England) is an English musician, singer-songwriter, and record producer. He has been married to Diana Krall since 2003.

Most of his early works have been published as part of the group Elvis Costello & The Attractions.
If you are looking for his other works with his other 'bands/aliases' (i.e. The Imposters, Confederates, etc) you need to click on his real name link Declan Patrick Aloysius MacManus


1-1  ...This Town... 

1-2  Let Him Dangle 

1-3  Deep Dark Truthful Mirror 

1-4  Veronica 

1-5  God's Comic 

1-6  Chewing Gum 

1-7  Tramp The Dirt Down 

1-8  Stalin Malone 

1-9  Satellite 

1-10  Pads, Paws And Claws 

1-11  Baby Plays Around 

1-12  Miss Macbeth 

1-13  Any King's Shilling 

1-14  Coal-Train Robberies 

1-15  Last Boat Leaving 

2-1  The Other Side Of Summer 

2-2  Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over) 

2-3  How To Be Dumb 

2-4  All Grown Up 

2-5  Invasion Hit Parade 

2-6  Harpies Bizarre 

2-7  After The Fall 

2-8  Georgie And Her Rival 

2-9  So Like Candy 

2-10  Interlude: Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 2 

2-11  Playboy To A Man 

2-12  Sweet Pear 

2-13  Broken 

2-14  Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4 

3-1  Pony St. 

3-2  Kinder Murder 

3-3  13 Steps Lead Down 

3-4  This Is Hell 

3-5  Clown Strike 

3-6  You Tripped At Every Step 

3-7  Still Too Soon To Know 

3-8  20% Amnesia 

3-9  Sulky Girl 

3-10  London's Brilliant Parade 

3-11  My Science Fiction Twin 

3-12  Rocking Horse Road 

3-13  Just About Glad 

3-14  All The Rage 

3-15  Favourite Hour 

4-1  Strange 

4-2  Hidden Charms 

4-3  Remove This Doubt 

4-4  I Threw It All Away 

4-5  Leave My Kitten Alone 

4-6  Everybody's Crying Mercy 

4-7  I've Been Wrong Before 

4-8  Bama Lama Bama Loo 

4-9  Must You Throw Dirt In My Face 

4-10  Poring Water On A Drowning Man 

4-11  The Very Thought Of You 

4-12  Payday 

4-13  Please Stay 

4-14  Running Out Of Fools 

4-15  Days 

5-1  The Other End Of The Telescope 

5-2  Little Atoms 

5-3  All This Useless Beauty 

5-4  Complicated Shadows 

5-5  Why Can't A Man Stand Alone? 

5-6  Distorted Angel 

5-7  Shallow Grave 

5-8  Poor Fractured Atlas 

5-9  Starting To Come To Me 

5-10  You Bowed Down 

5-11  It's Time 

5-12  I Want To Vanish 





Warner Bros. Records, Warner Records


Brazil, Europe




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