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Quero Mais - Patricia Marx

Quero Mais

Patricia Marx  

Format: 1 CD

Genre: latin, pop, MPB

Barcode: 0044001102325


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Brazilian artist, singer, and producer.

Born: 28 June 1974 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Patrícia is a Brazilian singer, former member of the band's Trem Da Alegria, created in 1984 by producer and composer Michael Sullivan. In 1987, Patricia left the Trem Da Alegria and began a solo career, with the track "Festa Do Amor". Her debut album went on to sell over 350,000 copies. With producer Michael Sullivan, she recorded two more albums, "Patricia" (1988) and "Incertezas" (1990), which contained the hit tracks "Certo Ou Errado", "Doçura", "Sonho De Amor", and "Destino", among others.

In 1994, Patrícia changed her stage name to Patrícia Marx, and produced by Nelson Motta, renewed her repertoire, making a picture more consistent with the repertoire of pop-dance.

She released several albums "Ficar Com Você" (1994), "Quero Mais" (1995), and "Charme Do Mundo" (1998), featuring hit tracks like "Ficar Com Você", "Quando Chove", "Espelho D'agua", and "Sei Que Você Não Vai".

Later on she changed her sound to more samba infused electronic, on her albums "Respirar" (2002) and "Patricia Marx" (2003), where along with Brazilian contributors, many productions featured UK producers, including Marc Mac and -Dego (both of 4 Hero), and Kaidi Tatham – all from the nascent west London broken beat scene.


01  Um Caso Sério  04:37

02  A Noite Vai Chegar  05:24

03  Quero Mais  04:11

04  Sei Que Você Não Vai (Never Can Say Goodbye)  04:41

05  Novos Corações  04:57

06  Vamos Dançar  05:05

07  Meu Fogo  04:49

08  Tudo Ficou Assim  04:09

09  What's Going On  04:41

10  Acontece  04:46

11  Espelhos D'Água  03:39



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