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The Great Heathen Army - Amon Amarth

The Great Heathen Army

Amon Amarth  

Format: 1 CD, 1 Box Set

Genre: rock, Melodic Death Metal, Viking Metal

Barcode: 0039841600421


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Swedish band started out as a grindcore band called Scum (27) in 1989.

Formed by members Themgoroth (vocals), Olavi Mikkonen (guitar) and Ted Lundström (bass). Themgoroth eventually left the band and was replaced by Johan Hegg which also resulted in a musical change towards Death/Viking Metal. Anders Hansson (guitar) and Nico Mehra (drums) joined the band and they then finally changed name to Amon Amarth in 1992.

The band's name is taken from Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and means the mighty mountain of doom.


1  Get In The Ring 

2  The Great Heathen Army 

3  Heidrun 

4  Oden Owns You All 

5  Find A Way Or Make One 

6  Dawn Of Norsemen 

7  Saxons And Vikings 

8  Skagul Rides With Me 

9  The Serpent's Trail 



Vinyl, CD, File, Cassette





Fredrik Andersson (2),Martin Lopez,Johan Hegg,Johan Söderberg (3),Olavi Mikkonen,Ted Lundström,Anders Hansson (2),Niko Kaukinen,Jocke Wallgren

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