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Rebirth By Blasphemy - Midnight

Rebirth By Blasphemy


Format: 1 CD

Genre: heavy metal, rock, Thrash, Black Metal

Barcode: 0039841568905


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A speed/thrash/black/heavy metal band formed in 2003 in Cleveland, Ohio.

While a number of members have played in the band for live performances, all recorded music is written and performed exclusively by Athenar.


1  Fucking Speed And Darkness  03:59

2  Rebirth By Blaphemy  03:08

3  Escape The Grave  02:47

4  Devil's Excrement  02:15

5  Rising Scum  04:01

6  Warning From The Reaper  04:06

7  Cursed Possessions  02:24

8  Raw Attack  03:50

9  The Sounds Of Hell  03:16

10  You Can Drag Me Through Fire  04:04



Vinyl, CD, Cassette


Metal Blade Records, Northeast Steel Industry, Urubuz Records, PolyWater Productions, Ellarcee Music


Brazil, China, Germany, Japan, Russian Federation, United States of America, Europe, USA & Europe


2019, 2020


Jamie Walters (2),Joel Fisher,Bob Zeiger,Terry Hanchin,Shaun Filley,Shaun Vanek,Steve Dukuslow

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Rebirth By Blasphemy - Midnight

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